Nov 291998

Stan Schaap, born May 15, 1947, lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He always had a bent for reflection and contemplation, which, by the way, often boiled down to nothing more than musing and being in the clouds.

You couldn’t say he had a quick start. It took him rather long to become used to himself, more at ease in taking his cue from within.

He fancies very unstructured, nonlinear approaches. Spontaneity is a discipline he finally can believe in.

For him, reading, thinking and freely playing with the imagination have been more inspirational and liberating than anything else, so far. At last he discovered also writing as an activity in which intuitive insight comes natural.

Now he finds that as long as he is not sharing it with others, his real learning has not even yet started.

He is not a native speaker of English, but prefers nevertheless to communicate in the lingua franca of this worldwide self-expression. Forgive him for his sometimes peculiar use of your beautiful language. He is still learning it and will be very grateful for any remarks enabling him to improve his expression.

Stan enjoys his daily work in the field of information technology as a great opportunity to experience the reality of spirit because the work usually has more to do with intuition, enthusiasm, humor and love than with the hard laws of three-dimensionality.

Truth is what works.

Recently he has found his spiritual partner and soul mate, Susan Kramer, by means of this very web site. Susan moved from Santa Barbara to Amsterdam where they married August 1, 2000. Accepting their joined energy — which is nothing but God’s Love — is their chosen way to teach what they have to learn.

Love cannot help but manifest in all of us.

Susan and Stan

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