Nov 291998

If I cherish an image about myself that is not inspired by what I am, then I’m a cause of trouble, especially for myself. That’s why spirituality is so practical because it means getting in touch and staying in touch with what I am, through openness.

These meditations help me to change my self-image and consequently the world. I know this may sound crazy to some, but I wonder how anyone could ever prove himself not to be insane if we don’t share the same values. Values make the world what it is: hell or heaven. Nobody needs proof for his experience, but if I want another kind of experience, I have to change my cherished values.

So, I decided to just write what my heart has always wanted me to read, thinking thoughts that I’ve never dared to think before. By writing them down, reading them over and over again, musing upon them, changing and expanding them, enjoying them and making them public, I become what I think.

It’s like spending time in a flight simulator to get used to flying. As long as it doesn’t come natural, acting as if is the way to become, like children at play do.

Experience follows thought and the world is nothing but the experience I choose to imagine.

Stan Schaap

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