Nov 291998

The body owes its inspiring innocence to the fact that it is, in its own way, a perfect reflection of the consciousness that creates it. The body, like everything else in this world, is a creation in progress, an ongoing expression of the soul in physical matter. Therefore, the point of application for any real change or cure is consciousness itself. And consciousness can be reached only here and now.

At a closer look nothing is solid, as modern science well knows. So, no boundaries exist. Freedom and joy rule everywhere. We are a boundless multitude of different manifestations of the same energy, and at the same time we are this energy. It’s like vibrating extremely fast to connect different states of being. The difference is only one of behavior and the reason for this difference is Joy. Joy wants to express itself in every possible mode of behavior, and anything goes.

This gives the mechanistic framework a very fragile footing and makes it hopelessly ineffective as an instrument to discover how reality works.

Every belief system, be it scientific doubt, religious conviction or plain agnosticism, is based on assumptions that cannot be proven. Perception and experience only demonstrate the qualities of the mental structure they depend on. Being part of the system, they cannot prove its validity. Validity is purely a matter of heartfelt acceptance. Truth cannot be proven and there is no such thing as hierarchy in truth.

So, no-one has the authority to declare anything right or wrong. Nothing is off limits in this experience we call evolution. I have complete freedom to choose whatever I want to believe according to my heart’s desire. Anything that works for me, is true enough.

No need to convince anyone since everybody can give it a try and see if a new perspective works for him or her. Of course, never a single factor is solely responsible for a change, every individual aspect being inseparable of everything else. It is always the whole that heals. The whole universe has been instrumental in bringing everything together here at this moment, to make it work. This can and will be constantly repeated in many many ways, but never in exactly the same way. Similarities are appearances. Every moment is an authentic original.

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