Nov 291998

Whatever I lack, an invitation to use my power to share is always presenting itself. I may choose not to see it, but the soul will use every situation to make her light come through, so she can enjoy her own splendor. I can always join her in this expansion of happiness. She’s just waiting for me to be her co-creator.

Why is it, that I am limitless energy, the creator of my own life here and now, and yet prefer dragging along a heavy body of thought that wants me to believe that everything just happens to me and that I’m practically helpless and may call myself lucky if everything works out all right for a change?

If I make remarks like: “You never can tell. I may be knocked down by a bus or drop dead anytime,” what am I doing then? Why would I want to design such a happening? No-one dies without his soul’s unqualified assent. If we ever have to play the roles of murderer and victim, our souls are in agreement with each other, helping each other, on the one hand to leave this body, on the other hand to appreciate it more.

There is an expression: “Heaven helps those who help themselves.” That is quite literally true, as we all know.

Our power to share can thus be demonstrated very practically. Take, for instance, the notion that I need something from someone else to make me happy. The natural principle that really works here, is: give what you need.

If it is real, it already belongs to me. This act of giving what I need is therefore simply a demonstration of trust in myself, which is healing and empowering. At the same time the universe gets the idea: “I have all I need and share it freely.” The universe — our shared creative energy and love — can only fully endorse this and will in all possible ways complete, enhance and expand it. Because this happens to be the way creativity and love work. And so, there is no other way for me either, if I want to experience my real fortune.

Creative energy and love can never go against me. If everything seems to be going against me, I am the one who wanted to create a “negative” experience, which is unreal and so does not belong to me but which I may choose, to discover myself in a new way. There are no ways which eventually do not end in God. And so, the universe promptly backs me up in this one too. Again, because that’s the nature of its limitless creativity and unconditional trust in me as the free creator of my life and the director of my experiences.

Do I want to experience love? Then let me indulge in downright Selfishness, gratifying heart and soul. I will create a very simple act of unconditional love and promptly I share with others the experience of love. Love is just highly contagious. A smile, a friendly word, a little cheerfulness of mine will go a long way towards making me experience this. It will do me all the good in the world, lighten me up, and even if others don’t seem to react to it, they are seriously infected as the virus of love is spreading in them.

Actually, once I accept my Selfishness, acts of love start happening automatically, because Selfishness is the realization of my true nature.

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