Nov 291998

If the reality of unconditional love is dawning upon you, as it is on me, then your natural impulse is to freely share your personal experience with the world. This is what practical spirituality is all about.

Have you written any meditation, poem, story, letter or essay that may, in its own way, enhance the value of this site for yourself and for others? Then e-mail me. Of course, true to the spirit of this site, neither copyrights nor payments will apply. Let your love expand unconditionally, and freedom will be your monument.

Stan Schaap

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  1. Hi Stan – I read certain articles on your website with much interest and, as we all seem to continually search and seek the real meaning of our lives, I’d like to draw your attention to an interesting site I stumbled across recently which aims to answer some of these questions. I was quite intrigued to read of topics similar to those you cover and hope that you will find the time to have a “look-see”. If my memory serves me correctly the web address is I will certainly visit you again soon and perhaps you will drop me a line sometime. Bye for now, Samantha