Nov 291998

Falling short of perfection could be seen as my reason for existence. If everything were perfect right from the start, this adventure of endless change, this song of Joy, called universe or becoming, couldn’t exist.

It is through the lesser that the greater can be acknowledged. If there were no parts the whole could not be enjoyed. Every atom, every cell, every organ knows this is the play of consciousness going on in all of us, whether we accept it or not. Animals, plants and minerals don’t have to be invited to join this play consciously — they just play, running ahead of me.

Yet, seen from another perspective, the soul recognizes its own perfection in everything it creates. When this perfection transpires, every seeming lack of it disappears. Things do not exist on their own, outside the source which brought them forth. There is always a mind which holds these condensed formations of its own thought. So, if the mind operates from a different perspective, things are changed automatically, and I experience another reality as true.

Why should I mourn the dead when they are not unhappy? I am here in this experience to accept my innate happiness. Everything that happens, including so-called death, is an invitation to adopt this perspective and experience freedom.

Don’t forget, this whole world I experience, is just an ever changing image created every moment by the soul. Don’t forget, the soul enjoys it.

So, there is nothing wrong with illusions, except taking them too seriously, holding on to them and mourning their loss. And even doing that has no grave consequences. It only stalls my experience of what I really am.

I own everything, by letting it go freely. To give away anything wholeheartedly is to expand happiness, an enrichment of myself. I cannot lose what I give away. It works the same for everything that impoverishes me. What I don’t want to own, I cannot let go. If I deny it as being part of myself, I cannot change it.

Only an act of love can give me access to happiness and to accept is an act of love while denial is an act of fear. Fear cannot produce an act of love. So I do have a choice here. By accepting any variation of fear, guilt or anger as an experience of mine, I’m automatically restored in my boundless freedom, for I have accepted no region where love cannot rule.

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