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Long so long ago, when the Universe was Unity and nothing but Oneness, All was Divine. In the Garden of Eden, all was in harmony with all – the Paradise as we imagine and remember it.

Then one day, ten-thousands of years, or decades, or centuries, or eons ago, the Creator of All Harmony who is Good and can be nothing but Good, found a daring question: What would eventually become one distant time bigger than It Himself? The answer was: A being that will be(come) Divine Out of FREE WILL!

S/he will forget and temporarily not remember its Divinity for that purpose. But one distant time, out of insight and longing to end suffering, inevitably it will become Divine and unified again Out of FREE WILL!

The newly created life-form was named ‘homo sapiens’ and divided in two, some call them Adam & Eve. They were fruitful and multiplied. Their children and children’s children enjoyed playing with sex, searching, finding, longing for love again and again. Over time the one being eventually became split in billions parts to gain all kinds of experience and expertise. The Great Spirit created for it life and matter forms on Earth to learn from and understand and care for. But homo sapiens would only sometimes vaguely remember its divine origin.

Originating from a spark of the Highest Divine, wo/men on Earth would be trapped in matter for ten-thousands of years, not remembering how to be harmony and unity. But this Celestial experiment is so important and unique, that all through the darkest ages, Divine Messengers, Avatars and Highest Souls were here in physical and non-physical form. They could not interfere though – wo/man has to become Divine again Out of FREE WILL!

And it came to pass that at this very moment in time, we are again on the verge of a new age. It may be possible now to collectively set the step to Supramental Consciousness. It will be a moment when all Heavens will be in great joy.

The seemingly disastrous environmental problems we created in our ignorance with limited thinking / acting could only be solved by our sisters / brothers in space who are far more evolved in these matters.

Thus this story has a happy end. Rests us to incorporate even the most destructive and alienated and dangerous and arrogant and egoistic and unwilling and unconscious facets of us / me. They might bear a secret power that would otherwise be lost forever. Why not strive to re-unite with all present 5.97 billion earth-inhabitants in compassion, love, mind and spirit… The material forces will follow.

Written 21-28 February 1998 during a Worldwide Meditation for Peace to Iraq. Published on 28 February 1998, the 30th birthday of the future-city for humanity, Auroville.

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  1. August 06 – it is more than 8 years ago when this story emerged. A few typo’s are corrected since, and occasionally, a word is replaced. The next step will be to transpose the ‘Secret Sacred Story’ in an audio and visual format. Other artistic and communicative expressions are considered.