May 151999

This poem is shared by Michael Levy

The swaying palm, serene and calm,
sun beams shining, leaves soaking the warm,
living in a world of serenity and peace,
coconuts and dates, yields from which we feast.

The blossoms on the trees, we look and stare,
a harvest of fruit, an apple or pear,
a Tropical forest, time to tango,
the mouth watering tastes of succulent papaya or mango.

Bushes of splendor the hillsides drape,
a call of nature, peel me a grape,
bananas and pineapples growing by a stream,
health giving pleasure, a life of peaches and cream.

My eyes behold the beauty and glee,
how an ordinary tree can love me,
their abundance of goodness growing free,
a partnership producing a fruitful melody.

Michael Levy, May 1999.

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