May 141999

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I had just started to write this article by relating my past experience of studying the Course in Miracles and all that went on in my life during that. However, I think it would be more interesting now for me to attempt to describe my current state of being that has resulted from this experience. Then I will get the benefit of realizing more of how I am too, rather than listen to my own story.

My current state is one of continuous flow of being, as I feel about it. I had always been trying to do more, to grow more, to become more, but now I have realized that being in flow is what it’s all about for me. This being in flow however is at a very deep level of being and one that continues to deepen in relation to how much attention I put on it. I can see now the practical benefits of shifting attention inside to how I am being in the moment as a response to what I am experiencing in the world. Before this might have happened occasionally but now it is at will and often.

I really have, as a result of doing the course and other insights I have picked up along the way, been able to know that I am responsible for what I see and in many cases, have been able to will that it be made happier. What I have come a long way toward realizing is the state of non-separation and how that functions in the world. For a long time it felt nearly impossible to be able to be one while at the same time having peace of mind and space to just ‘be.’ Now it has gotten fairly easy with practice. It looks like a skill that can be learned like any other. I like being one now; It is not a small thing to be, after all, since it is everything! But being one is a path also, since it changes moment to moment and is very dynamic. I always thought, peace of mind would be boring and unchanging. Boy was I ever wrong!

Dennis Allen


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