Jun 261999

These meditations and a poem are shared by Leenta Scott

On questions and answers
All is known. There is no need to fret, no need to formulate questions. In the same mode, expect your answers. No voice, no formulated answer – just an inner knowing. Clues yes, guidance yes, definite instructions or answers -no!! That you have to “formulate” yourself from your inner knowing. Otherwise you have not learnt, not experienced and there was no point or purpose in the question, no growth. Go within, establish contact.You have heard this before, you know this, yet you frantically seek answers elsewhere. So you will just have to keep on asking the questions until you finally abdicate, retreat, become quiet – until you almost don’t care about the answer any longer – THEN you will know!! If you find you cannot become quiet, cannot go within because your mind keeps interfering, questioning the existence of ALL THERE IS, doubting, the paradoxical “answer” is: keep asking or seeking or anguishing until you are exhausted and find that there is nowhere else to go except within, no one else to turn to except ALL THERE IS. There is nothing you can do to relieve another’s anguish except voice it, reflect it, and show them another perspective. Your perspective will not necessarily be the “correct” one but it will give them further opportunities to question, it will change the nature of the questions and that is progress!!!! Ask for help & guidance (from God, you higher self, guides or angels), for in the asking your question is “formulated” (given utterance to) and in the question lies your answer or the possibility or potential of an answer. If there was no question, there can be no answer! A need has to exist or be created before anything can manifest. There has to be NO-THING or a void in order for ALL THAT IS to exist or be.

On enlightenment
This all boils down to BALANCE. In your physical life also there will always be a balance – between your tears and your laughter – until you reach an equilibrium where they are cancelled out and you can detach and reach a state where ALL THAT IS and NO-THINGNESS become ONE. That is enlightenment.

On the dark night of the soul
Various means are used to induce a “dark night of the soul”. The purpose and also the remedy is the realisation that you have reached a qualifying (test, exam) point in your life or spiritual development. When seen as such (that you have completed a course and qualify for the exam) thanks can be given for this opportunity to pass an exam that will enable you to enter or register for an advanced or higher qualification. Your lessons have been learned, now trust that you will be able to pass this exam, otherwise the opportunity would not have been presented to you. So… close your eyes and welcome the experience of a “dark night of the soul” which is at the same time a “bright light of the soul”!

On decisions
If the quality of enthusiasm is absent from your decision, be wary. If there are any doubts or questions, wait. Do not feel guilty or allow yourself to be made to feel guilty for not doing what another expects or wants from you. Be true to yourself and trust that the enthusiasm or doubts you feel come from your higher self or inner God/guide. At this moment you are your own best teacher or master; your experience of happiness or pain or sorrow is your own best teacher. For the moment. When you need more, it will come. When a circle is formed, it will consist of “people of like mind” who have one another’s development at heart. In such an atmosphere of trust and oneness, development will be accelerated, your ability to be your own guide & teacher will be enhanced.. Remember that others reflect aspects of yourself. That does however not mean that you have to “assimilate” those aspects, especially if they are “negative”. Just be aware of them and acknowledge them.

On Good and Evil
Divinity is in all; including those not of this earth. How they express that Divinity, is different. Divinity is not always expressed as love, it can also be expressed as Anger or Wrath or even Evil. What you want to express, what you want to be and what you want God to be is Pure Divine Love, i.e. Divinity expressed only as Love. That is your choice. I know it is difficult for you to accept this or even to voice it, you are so intent on eradicating all save Love from your being. That does not change the fact that God is All There Is: not the only thing there is, but everything there is. It is not the case of war between Good and Evil, but war between those who choose to express God as good and those who choose to express Him as Evil. Those who choose to heal and create and those who choose to destroy. Again the question of balance comes up. Continuous creation would lead to chaos if it is not balanced by destruction therefore it is necessary to also create destruction!! So, you do not need to overcome evil, you need only to keep the balance. That again need not mean that you must keep a balance of good and evil within yourself, it means that you may express only Good to balance another who chooses to express only evil. Become still and you will experience the midpoint of the balance where no-thing exists, yet everything is.

On “Life”
As open as the vastness of space and as condensed as the nucleus of an atom so is my love for you. For I am love and you are that love manifest. You are all that I Am – why do you manifest only in fractions? Because you choose to do so in order to experience. Little bites can be savoured, swallowed whole there would be very little or no taste. Take your little bites of Life and savour each and every one of them: the salt and the sweet, the soft and the tough. The greater the variety, the more the enjoyment, the fun. And remember YOU CHOOSE the meal. You choose not to have a plate of bland, uninteresting food. I allow you your choice. My love is great enough to do that.

For a friend – on her husband’s death
Everything is as it is meant to be. The Kalahari is not dry – it is as it is meant to be. At the sea-side it is not misty and windy – it is as it is meant to be. It is perfect for that place, for that time. After “death” – we are as we are meant to be: in a perfect state of being. As perfect as the wind and the sea and the mountains and the sands. At one with everything and at the same time free. Come fly with me, be free with me, be the wind, the sand , the sea with me!

Let the sand run through your fingers
and know
that it is I.

Watch the river flowing
and know
I’m passing by.

Feel the wind upon your face
and know
with whom you fly.

Look up at the stars tonight
and know the reason why.

Leenta Scott

e-mail: leentascott@clearwire.ie

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  1. All the writings are deep truth. However, the poem “For a friend on her husband’s death” stands out as a marvelous piece of great wisdom. Thanx Leenta!!!

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Leenta. Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. I am not sure how I found this website but i am glad I did. The words answered the questions which I have recently been asking.

    Thank you to the writer and its guide

  4. Wow.

    I needed this.

    Thank you.