Aug 171999

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To Stan Schaap and his Visitors,

Dear Stan, Sharers and Visitors,
Went onto the net in June 1999. Sent out first messages to friends and relatives on 1st July 1999. Started talking with opponents on the chess board. Tried to post messages and failed. Learned so much in so short a time I simply HAD TO write another book (No sales talk this – the first one would not be of much interest to you unless you lived in Bombay).

To cut a long story short, I am on a spiritual journey where everything happens in perfect sequence. I put ‘insights’ on paper – and the next thing that happened was ‘Contact’ – share your writings.
Well, here is…


“Every day it is becoming clearer. I have been suffering from a severe case of spiritual constipation. There has been


It is like being smothered under an avalanche of gold coins. You know they could do some good somewhere, but nobody here wants them.
You don’t want to throw them into the gutter. So you let them pile up – till they suffocate you.

Has this ever happened to you? I can’t help getting ideas and I can’t help wanting to share them.

But I can help (to some extent at least) becoming an abolute bore. My darling husband loves his profession and I do agree, architecture is more relevant to our life than Atlantis, at least where payment of electricity bills is concerned (The rate has been increased again).
And if I get despairingly bored by cricket, my friends have every right to get equally bored by my adventures into other dimension.
Imagine a peaceful Sunday in the country, and a few friends drop in. Great!
Unfortunately I no longer understand much of the conversation (too deaf – and not much there can be done about it). Therefore I talk.
Or worse, I read from my archives of unposted, unpublished writings.
Usually I get a chuckle and a ‘but why don’t you publish it?’
Nobody here understands I’m not a publisher, and if you don’t know the editor (or make use of the fact that you do know him) nobody even reads what you send.
Alternatively, the folks who do read it don’t have a clue what you mean.
If I try my writings on friends, they don’t yawn. They merely start talking to each other.
Never mind, all that is past. Put something into the net and it will find it’s way.

The point here too is – when you talk to your near and dear ones, you expect them to read between the lines and know exactly what you mean when you are most obtuse. When we talk to strangers at least we try to explain.

It is not so much the response or the reassurance, it is the very fact there is AN OPENING TO OUTFLOW THOUGHTS that makes the difference.”

What would happen next? I find Stan Schaap’s home page.

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Ursula Mistry

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