Aug 231999

Dear freed,

Your comparison between the Akashic Records and the Internet is interesting.

Perhaps you would like to share what Yogi Ramacharaka has said on the subject.

Nothing ever perishes.

There are in existence on the higher planes of matter, imperishable and unalterable records of every scene, act, thought and thing that ever existed or occurred.

These Akashic Records are not on the astral plane, but are on a plane far above it.

They are mirrored on the astral plane. You can see the sky and the clouds reflected in a lake. But just as this vision can be distorted by ripples and waves on the water, so may the astral vision of these records become distorted and imperfect expressions by reason of the disturbances in the astral light.

The Akashic Records contain the memory of all that has passed. He who has access to them may read the past like a book. But only the most advanced intelligences have free access to these records – or rather have the power to read them.

Many people have acquired a greater or lesser degree of power which enables them to read from the reflections.

Those who have developed time-clairvoyance are able to see these reflections as scenes actually occur before them,

just like we may see a film with actors and actresses who have died long ago. If the transmission is poor we get a distorted picture. And we need not consider Cayce nor Nostradamus infallible.

Shall we call the Akashic Records the Brain of the Universe? Who has created this universal brain or how was it created is as much a mystery to me as who has created my brain, and why dark areas and lots of spare capacity never used? How does a cabbage seed know it cannot become a cauliflower? You can throw any amount of scientific explanations at me – I still won’t understand.

If the Akashic Records can predict future events, it must be for the plain, simple, natural reason of cause and effect.

Love and Peace,


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