Aug 161999

Dear Greg,

You don’t know – or perhaps you do – what a lovely feeling it is to say to yourself I AM NOT ALONE. Thank you very much for your response.

I am glad you do understand and look forward to meeting THE OBSERVER, the real “I”. I know he is there somewhere, watching. And the moment I remember him we both watch, he seemingly without reaction, I with a grin on my face – saying to myself, ok, if you enjoy the drama, enjoy it by all means. It’s your game!

Right now we are in our weekend house. Monday I’ll be back on the net. I look forward to opening your page.

I hope I shall ultimately be able to make a small contribution to this lovely site. Peace,



– to give people a reassurance about the ego. It’s of course only a word, if one wants to call it (like Edgar Cayce does) ‘individuality’ so be it. Still, I think, EGO is a stronger word. We cannot give up the ego until such time as we have truly become ONE. (In which case our EGO shall be the greatest.) We can try to shed some of the useless luggage of personality.