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By Ursula Mistry (September 3, 1929 – June 20, 2007)

To You My Friend

painting - fishing on the lake

Today is a very special day

It is


of the rest of your life.

Join me in the little boat on the silent lake.


Breathe gently.

Enjoy the silence.

Do you have questions?

Yes, well we all do.

Here, in the silence, you will get your answers –


– through the Channel of Universal Mind


– from your higher self.


– inspired by souls of greater learning and great compassion for us who are here today.




Read this please:

The human race is at present going through a most important period of evolution.

It is passing from the unconscious state of spiritual development into the conscious state. Many have already attained their conscious state, and many more are awakening to it. This gradual awakening to spiritual consciousness is causing all the unrest in today’s world of thought. We are breaking away from old ideals and forms. We hunger for truth. We run between new truth and old truth re-stated. It is a critical period in the history of the race.

People in this phase of development are regarded as ‘odd’ by their associates.

Particularly in early life, they appear ‘old’ and strange to their companions. They feel as if they were strangers in a strange land.

Have you found your first answer?



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Come and collect a few more answers:

What is Universal Mind?
Maybe the net already has beautiful explanations. Nevertheless let my guide explain to me and to you what we mean by Universal Mind. It is the web-total of all minds. Consider it like a super television with all channels, past present and future, running at the same time. There is a TV program guide, but only the most advanced souls can subscribe to it. For the time being we have to content with asking the question, and keeping one or two channels open to connect automatically when the answer is found. Relaxation and Inner Silence help to tune in.

What is Higher Self?
‘Higher’ is not an evaluation here. When we look at the seven principles of man, the physical body is the lowest meaning thickest in density. Look upon this Higher Self as your guardian angel, who knows what you need right now and helps you to find it. He may of course also decide that there are things you do not need to know yet.

What about finding answers in these pages?

Is it not presumptuous to say I shall find my answer as soon as I turn to this home page?

It certainly is! It presumes that you will open it. The answers are of course already with you. We are only trying to help you open your channels of communication.


Today just remind yourself of the Seven Principles of Man, and see yourself travelling towards the light.

Please e-mail your questions or answers to me. All communications will be gratefully acknowledged.

Peace be with you..

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The Seven Principles of Man


The first, lowest and most apparent principle of man is the physical body. Calling it the lowest or crudest manifestation does not mean the physical body should be despised or neglected. On the contrary, for the growth of man in his present state of development, it is the Temple of the Living Spirit. The physical body should be cherished and cared for and made into the perfect instrument for spiritual growth.

Yogi philosophy sees the physical body as the most perfect example of organization and cooperation for the common good. There are millions of cells, each containing within it a miniature “life” which controls its actions. These miniature lives are bits of intelligent mind of a certain degree of growth, sufficient to perform their work properly. They are of course subordinate to the control of the central mind of man. They obey orders from headquarters, that may be given consciously or sub-consciously.

When death comes to the physical body, the cells separate and scatter. The force which had held them together is withdrawn and they become free to go where they please and form new combinations.


The second principle of man is the astral body. It is closely connected to and much like its physical counterpart in appearance. The difference is that it is less dense because it vibrates at a higher level.

How ‘the same’ can be different is best demonstrated when we look at water. The chemical formula remains, whether we see it as water, or ice, or steam. Steam, incidentally, is invisible. What we see is vapor. Water kept overnight under a pyramid remains water, but has more space between individual molecules. It becomes pure, tastes better and certain healing powers are ascribed to it. My guess is that the ’empty’ spaces are filled with prana or life energy.

Psychics may see the astral body or consciously travel in it. Most of us use it only in lucid dreams for an occasional OBE.

“The Soul weighs nine grams” said a Russian Headline, after the Russians discovered a weight difference of nine grams in two thousand people weighed just before and just after death. It made no difference whether the victim was a baby or an old man, a thin teenager or a fat matron, an accident victim or a cancer patient.


Prana or vital force is that principle which pervades and gives life to all things. Prana is everywhere. It is the energy used by the Ego for creation, manifestation, transmission and reception.

Light is energy. Prana is energy for enlightenment. We have large brains and insufficient power/energy to use our capacity. Pranayama, the yogic science of breath, deals with the intake and use of prana, and is worth learning and practicing.


The first mental principle of man is the instinctive mind.

The work of our bodies is performed by this part of the mind. Repair, replacement, digestion, assimilation, elimination and so on is being performed under the directions of the instinctive mind, usually below our consciousness. However, occasionally we might become aware of these little intelligences. The late Jane Roberts reported a small injury, where she saw and heard the blood cells crying for help, others shouting orders, and others rushing to close the wound. A young girl after a tonsil operation remembered a similar dialogue between cells. It is not actual talk, but transmission by ESP.

The instinctive mind is also the mind of habit. We may learn things by heart consciously and then pass them on to the instinctive mind, like walking, using tools, typing or changing gear. The instinctive mind is the seat of our passions, appetites, desires, sensations and feelings of the lower order. These are not ‘bad’ but many have outgrown their usefulness.


The fifth principle is the Intellect. It is that which distinguishes man from beast but it is not his alone. Self-consciousness, reasoning, love and faithfulness may manifest more in a highly developed animal than in a brutish primitive man.

Simple consciousness is an awareness of outside things. With the advent of self-consciousness, man develops the concept of “I”. He begins to compare himself with others. He takes stock, draws conclusions, analyses, classifies, separates. He begins to create for himself.

It is here that the awakening life of the soul begins.

An awakening intellect does not necessarily make man a better creature. It is true an unfolding principle gives an upward tendency. It is equally true that some men remain closely attached to their brute nature, adding to natural animal desire the cunning and intelligence which the intellect has made possible for them.


The sixth principle of man is spiritual consciousness. As it begins to unfold he begins to have an abiding sense of the reality of the Supreme Power. Growing along with it he finds a sense of human brotherhood, of respect for all life, of unity with all creation.

We do not get these glimmers from our instinctive mind, nor does the Intellect make us feel them. Spiritual Mind does not run contrary to Intellect, it simply goes beyond.

The intellect represents the ‘I’ of the average person. This ‘I’ has on one side the Instinctive Mind. On the other side is the Spiritual Mind. We are now more and more recognizing a third ‘I’. The Ego is in a transitional stage of consciousness and the struggle is often quite painful. Beyond that is the Observer, immortal , individual spark of the divine.

When the Ego recognizes the existence of the Spiritual Mind, man begins to recognize some pull, some guidance, some communication from ‘above’, like you, who reads these lines, surely do.


The Seventh Principle of Man is the Spirit. It is perhaps that which Walt Whitman has described

As in a swoon, one instant,
Another sun, ineffable, full dazzles me,
And all the orbs I knew,
And brighter,
Unknown orbs,
One instant of the future land
Heaven’s land.

Ursula Mistry

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  1. Well, your journal found me this morning so thank you for creating it. They say, don’t they [whoever ‘they’ are] that ‘when the student is ready the writing appears on the wall’ – this has always been true for me and your journal, I am sure, is no exception
    have a great day!
    Every blessing Carole