Sep 181999

Three pages text wiped off! How did it happen? This is the second time I am asking this question. Maybe I should start from the beginning.

Went to Stan Schaap. Found EIA’s Spiritual Connection

“I will send you a helper.”

Suddenly the thought came to me. The internet is like spiritual writing. Instead of having your fingers hold a pen which moves according to the spirit’s dictate, you hold a mouse and ‘click here’.

EIA’s Mission is to connect souls back to their source. Can’t have it better, can you? She says:

Since all people have an inner knowing of what is truth, a gut feeling or intuition, please understand that I only give the advice but you must make the choice accepting it.

I will share tools that are available to All once they know how to access them.

All beliefs, all religions, all colors, all Peoples are welcome to my site.

I will share questions received by people who e-mail this site, with Privacy always Paramount, that you too may find a solution to your problem.

There are many who experience the same things as you are.

All visitors will share and hopefully gain the help they desire.

It is vital to “feed the soul” daily

And I offer you Thought for Today

Which is given to me in meditation daily and passed on to you with e-mail simply by requesting it at .


Found a Book by Ken Carey which I must read – Flat Rock Journal – I think.

Strayed into World Light Center and noted an Angelic Abundance Program giving financial support to light workers, healers and everyone on the spiritual path.

All right, may I now go back to my crop circles?

How did it happen?

Yesterday I searched for support of my theory – crop circles are made by sound. Couldn’t find it. This morning I discovered “current thought on crop circle formation plus an eye witness account of how a crop circle was made. Coincidence?

Now I can almost believe someone is looking over my shoulder and, whenever appropriate, guides me to “click here”.

Tomorrow morning (if I remember) I will be more specific and actually ask for guidance. Let’s see what happens then. This morning, as mentioned earlier, three pages of text were wiped out, maybe because I ignored Eia’s Spiritual Connection. Sooner or later this script will go public – and someone out there needs the Eia Spiritual Re-Connection more than I need more crop circle. Yes, I admit I already have enough. But there are friends with whom this information must be shared.

Can’t say more about current theories on crop circle formation because printer is out of ink. If you see one, (I mean crop circle, not printer) contact Brian Hussey at, Also see ‘bridging science and spirit’ website Crop Circle Central. (Hope I got that right.)

Come on now, lets get to the 1999 crop circle sites (updated 4th September, 1999).


Just had a crazy thought. Our neighbor and friend Ivan Khan died on 4th September, 1993. We still miss him. He was a great believer in light. One of his favorite toys was a very powerful torch light.

Would it not be fun for Ivan to roam around with special lights, drawing crop circles? Maybe he is doing just that.


1999 Crop Circle Sightings

Austria 1
Canada 1
Czech Republic 8
Germany 7
Israel 1
Italy 1
Netherlands 1
Peru 1
UK 149


For Helen, Guenter and Anna

21st July 1999

Austria: An 80m spiral was found in a wheat field in a village called Hetzmannsdorf, about 20 miles North of Vienna. There were a number of UFO sightings on the previous night. There are several ley-lines* and ancient sites nearby.


For Stan


Dutch eye-witness sees two crop circles created by pink-purple light (Report by Nancy Talbot).

19 year old Robert of Hoeven, South Holland, said he actually saw the crop circle being made. He says there was one hovering light – purplish-reddish and misty – smaller than a football, but capable of elongating itself. It was non-metallic, he says, but described a noise like an electric discharge. His English is poor and the interviewer spoke no Dutch.


For Lucie and Geraldine

Go and see the 149 crop circles! This morning I went to –

Avebury Manor – beautiful! Not unlike the above picture, but three smaller circles instead of the triangle.

Hackney Hill – Elaborate three-armed spiral formation

Rockley – A cluster of circles

Wanford – Three interlocking rings

Cherhill – 9 fold geometric ‘Flower’ design

Cherhill is in Wiltshire. There is a Lucy Pringle Photograph on the net. Incredible!


I am not surprised there are no recorded crop circles in India. Even if there are such circles, I don’t think they would be reported.

It surprises me China is not on the list of crop circle reports.

An odd thought: Is there a connection between crop circles and the ancient stone circles?