Sep 281999

Meet Spirit

Here I goofed. I want to tell you exactly how to reach Spirit. She is frolicking somewhere in Stan Schaap’s favorite books and links [May 2004: these pages have been discontinued].

Spirit is a five year old Hungarian Pointer, also known* as Vizsla. To me she looks like a young golden retriever with coltish legs. Her owner gives lectures, holds courses and workshops on ‘Reclaiming Higher Ground’, taking direction from Spirit. It is a very interesting site.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself. I thought I knew it all – like ‘be happy’, ‘experience the pure ecstasy of fresh air and the wind in your face’, ‘speaking of love, just give it unconditionally’, and the like.

Couldn’t have been more wrong. How about

  • If it itches, scratch it.
  • When it feels right, make a lot of noise.
  • Let others know when they are invading your boundary.
  • Stretch before rising.
  • If you are uncomfortable, just go to another place that feels better.
  • Directness is a wonderful thing. If you want something, just make your desire very clear.
  • On the other hand, begging is a good device on occasion, and simpering will work well if it is not done too often.

There is a lot more where this came from!

*) also known means: I’ve told some of my friends. Generally known means: I know it. Aren’t I clever?