Sep 221999

This morning I made a note to myself: Love is the only reality. Strange. I firmly believe this. Yet I keep on – wide awake to the fact I am living in dreams – keep on resisting ‘my good,’ keep on ‘playing truant.’ And this I do with great enthusiasm. Why? Can you explain this to me? I suppose it means I am human.

Has Earth ever been a more exiting place to live in? Have we ever had more opportunities to realize our potential?`

Perhaps yes. Think of Atlantis and Mu. And maybe the road to higher consciousness is so exiting that we don’t mind lingering – or even go back to start so that we can make the journey all over again. No. We don’t go back to start. We go back to were we left off. But during some life-times we retard our spiritual growth for no better reason than enjoying the journey more than the destination.

So what’s news today? It is time for the Light to fill your screen.

Coming soon!

The Enrichment Channel

Dialogues Between Races, Generations, Genders

Alternative Medicine & Body and Mind Connection

Talks with Healers and Leading Edge Thinkers

Entrepreneurship and Humanizing The World

Global Town Meetings with Citizen Leaders

Intervention TV for Young People

Motivation and Success Strategies

Break Through & Future News

Creativity, Music and the Arts

Finding Your Highest Purpose

Enriching Life & Home-styles

Science of Mind / Kabala

Self Help & Self-Esteem

TEC on the Internet


Imagine a Channel that

Upholds Creativity, Love, Fulfillment, Freedom, Truth, Faith, Courage and Hope as the eight highest human values.

And where does one find such news? Go to Yahoo, ask for Stan Schaap, click on Contact and now you are on your own. Whatever you read on this page can only enrich your life.