Sep 071999

This has become a routine now. I get up around 6.30 a.m. and spend a couple of hours on the net. There is less traffic so early in the morning. Everything functions well and I found IUCI.

First of course I read my mail (not much there) and then send letters to Stan and Susan and a couple of other friends.

Yesterday’s Bombay Times carried an article ‘Yahoo! Welcome to 2000.’ From this I gathered IUCI stands for Internet Users Club of India It seems there are people who want to popularize the net. I asked my Yahoo Search Engine for IUCI India. Found it immediately. Contacted them and asked whether they would be interested in finding a suitable publisher for my ‘Adventures on the Net’. Send them the cover page and yesterday’s harvest. I mean if they really want to popularize Yahoo and the net – this is it!

Then I paid a visit to the notice board. Not much there I thought. However, I was able to say my little piece on the subject of nuclear arms. Inquired why it is that I cannot read the replies to the messages posted. Haven’t got an answer as yet – but the chances are there were no replies.

Then went to Stan – Contact – and bumped into Cynthia Larson. Inevitably!

Cynthia had left a few kind words – she find Stan’s home page very uplifting – and says come and visit me at So I did.

Cynthia has a Third Age Name: Realityshifter. I’m charmed.

If I need such a name it would be Dreamsdrifter.

Is the Third Age connected to Third Wave (Toeffler and all that?) or is it just Cynthia’s creation?

To me Cynthia Larsen is an embodiment of a member of what Edgar Cayce called the Fifth Root Race.

She has a B.A. in physics from Berkeley and an MBA from San Francisco State University. And what does she do? Gets herself into voodoo and shamanism. (I’m not sure about voodoo). It adds up.

Today only the most pedestrian intellects can firmly keep their feet on the grounds of a three-dimensional world. The rest of us must spread wings, soar, surf or slither on not so firm surfaces.

It’s funny really. Cynthia Larson’s passions are books. So are mine. She gives the titles of her most favorite ones – all totally fascinating. You would think we would have at least one or two titles in common. We don’t. Which adds up too. There is something like universal mind. The books she has read and the books I have read may carry one or two sentences we both recognized as the truth and have both used as corner stones to built upon. Build what? Well, our world of course. The way we look at things. What we recognize or what we don’t see.

And thank you Cynthia for quoting Rudyard Kipling. I thought I had read of him whatever there was to read. Maybe I did and maybe I did not notice or understand. Yes, these are words I can also live by – at least try and aspire. One of those wise sayings immediately jumped into my field of vision, wanting to be engraved in silver or carved in stone …..

and yet don’t look too good
nor talk too wise ……

Looking too good has never been my problem – but I do have the tendency to play ‘Sage of All Wisdoms Incorporated, based on the Illusion of Common Sense.’

Don’t change the subject!

So what is so wonderful about Cynthia?

She has explained to me that if I think I put the car keys on the dining table and can’t find them there, it is not because I have put them in one of the several other (equally unsuitable) places. It is because of what is known in physics as reality shift. Got it?

No, seriously. Cynthia has explained what reality shift is and thanks to the Dancing Wu Li Masters I am not surprised.

So ask yourself. Do you ever miss things which you think should be where you left them? And then you find them again? Usually where you thought you had left them but couldn’t see them the first time? Well, that would be on account of a reality shift. (Better brush up on quantum mechanics.) Fascinating, isn’t it?

In the morning Dinaz and Raju were here. I asked them. Yes, they too can recount such experiences. At lunchtime Carmel dropped in. She told me a story that would qualify for Cynthia’s page. It’s about a hairbrush that disappeared from the dressing table. One second it was here, the next it was gone. There were three girls in the room. They all searched and could not find it. Later a fourth girl came in. She picked it up from the dressing table. Carmel remembers other instances, but none so startling and well documented.

In the afternoon Dr. Vakil came. She wants a copy of what are reality shifts.

I must get Cynthia’s Reality Shifts book. She says she wrote it to help people become more conscious of how powerful it is to live a life of love. It feels miraculous and magical, and it’s so easy to do!

The other book I would love to have is Edgar Mitchell’s “The Way of the Explorer. An Apollo Astronaut’s Journey Through the Material and the Mystical Worlds.”