Oct 211999

What do you do when you find this in your morning e-mail?

Greetings dear traveler on the path. It is so heartwarming and exciting to share with someone who also “sees” the Ramacharaka books for what they really …. A guided tour of the journey home (among other things). The advance course and others have really set me free. IT’S WONDERFUL …. We must stay in contact. I visited your web site as you suggested…. It is great! I also have all the books and the history behind them from the Yogi Publication Society. Let us communicate and share our path. In essence.
George Michael

Try a few tears of joy!

And what did I do to invoke these greetings?

Nowadays I pay the occasional visit to amazon.com to see whether my favorite books are available. They are, at least so far. Then I go and have a look at readers comments.

That’s how I met George Michael, who found the Advance Course in Yoga Philosophy by Yogi Ramacharaka a real eye-opener.

Using my power to share, I said he might be interested in the other Yogi Ramacharaka books. My list contains:

  • Fourteen Lessons in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism
  • Gnani Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Raja Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • The Science of Breath
  • The Science of Psychic Healing and
  • The Advance Course in Yoga Philosophy.

So I got these wonderful greetings which I briefly acknowledged. Today, coming back from a long weekend, there were more greetings from George Michael and two pages from the Yoga Publication Society.

George Michael has started something which will benefit all who come to our humble home page. We’ll share my reply.

Thanks! I printed out the note from the Yoga Publication Society. They seem to know very little, and perhaps what they assert is hearsay. It does not matter. The person least bothered would be Yogi Ramacharaka himself. “Truth”, he taught, “should be self-evident, and in no manner dependent upon the personality of its teachers.”

Do you remember, he said the aura emanating from the Spiritual Mind, or sixth principle, bears the colour of the true primary yellow? This he said is invisible to ordinary sight and cannot be reproduced artificially by man. It centers around the head of the spiritually illumined, and at times produces a peculiar glow which can even be seen by undeveloped people.

Some years ago we used to give our living room for a group class. The late Swami Mangalmurthi of the Bihar School of Yoga, came every Monday evening to give the group an hour of yoga nidra. This is best described as psychic sleep, where the body is motionless, the mind stilled and the awareness hightened.

About twenty to twenty-five people came quite regularly. Waiting for everybody to come and settle down, the early birds would chant om. ( I feel our living room walls have absorbed good vibrations.)

The first Monday after her visit to Mongyr, the headquarters of the School, she told us about the visit and her delight in meeting Swamiji (Swami Satyananda Saraswati). I was sitting with unfocused eyes, fully relaxed, not even listening closely, when I became aware of a large bright yellow halo behind Swami Mangalmurthi. So I know – everyone can see auric colours if conditions are right.

Swami Mangalmurthi taught me something else, which I have used time and again.

Would you like to try it?

If somebody asks you a question pertaining to spiritual matters, hold on for a moment and listen to an inner voice. Suddenly there is an answer.

Love and Peace

  13 Responses to “Greetings Dear Travelers on the Path”

  1. Hi. Could I find out how to get in touch with the Yogi Publication Society. I am a longtime student of Yogi Ramacharaka (whose real name, incidentally, was William Walker Atkinson). I believe Atkinson/Ramacharaka is one of our greatest Ameriucan philosophers and would love to find out more about his life. Thanks. Chris (ct60@aol.com)

  2. Dear Chris, this page might help you further: William Walker Atkinson (1862-1932), it contains details about his life and a list of his books, either to be read online or to be ordered.

  3. Yes, Yogi Pub is excellent

  4. Visit http://www.ramacharaca.com.br all the informations about William Walker Atkinson, Ramacharaka, Theron Q.Dumont, Three Initiate, Magus Incognito, Swami Panchadasei, all pseudonymous of the same author.


  6. Hi! My name is Milton and I’m looking for somebody in the chicago area who’s read William Walker Atkinson’s “Mind Power;The Secret of Mental Magic”. I’d like to discuss it.I think it’s a very practical book! Can anynone help me?

  7. I’ve tried this and please believe me it’s very diffecult. From what I’ve been told they move around a lot and/or they’re out of business or they are only in business when they want to be or decide to or find the time to. If you don’t mind me asking why are you trying to contact them?

  8. Hi Chris!
    In case you haven’t found it yet try this address:
    Yogi Publication Society: PO Box 600190, Jacksonville Fl. 32260

  9. Hi Milton, I’m not in Chicago, but I have read Mind Power- the secret to Mental Magic many years ago. I followed what it intructed and had amazing results. Some a little frightening because it demonstrated a power beyond the five senses. I don’t know
    I used to have a book by the Yogi Society that explained clairvoyance and telepathy and all other aspects of mind and spirit. I lent it out and over the years I forgot the title. Can anyone help me with the title of such a book published by the Yogi Publication Society? LESTINE

  10. i want to see website wwherein i could print william walker atkinsons book for free. please kindly help me..

  11. I do not have a website but an address you might want to write to them and get one page catalog
    as follows:

    Yoga Publication Society
    P.O Box 728
    Geneva, Illinois 06134

  12. Do You SEE the 11-29 at
    the bottom of the pages here ?
    The numbers 11 29 are an old street
    address of mine.
    She rearranges the order of events
    to let me SEE that She IS Real.

    She, God, is not passive !

  13. She Sings
    Turn Around … Look at Me

    There is nothing to do.
    You can gently put aside all of Your books,
    all of Your yogas … ALL of it !

    if you say you know, you dont — Jesus
    Pay attention ! — JK

    SEE, with ordinary functional senses ! — JC

    She is Love. She is not passive.