Oct 231999

Since healing is making whole, Oneness our Reality, and separation an illusion, healing is what comes closest to Reality at any moment.

Healing thoughts have been with us since the beginning of time (before, we just didn’t need them) but looking at only these past three decades I observe a tremendous increase of healing thought activity everywhere. And this activity shows in many practical ways which do not — and need not — have the label of ‘spirituality’ on them.

Seen from the viewpoint of Oneness there is nothing but Spirit. So, we might say that if it works on the level of experience, it must be spiritual and if it is not utterly practical here, it cannot come from Spirit.

Less than a hundred years ago spirituality was either strictly organized religion or esoteric practice. Either way, this first necessity of life was stifled in a too limited range of human experience. Since it is not possible to bring more light into our experience without disclosing what has been hidden in darkness, this acute but mostly unrecognized need of humanity for healing couldn’t help but explode into some very violent and painful experiences like world wars and pandemics.

Yes, these experiences involved many deaths but we have to remember that healing is of the mind, not of the body, and this eternal mind is not my illusion of self-importance that sees itself as a realm of consciousness caught in my body and limited by my brain.

Exactly because of this illusion, however, my body is most convincing when I want to have an experience of healing. And because healing is our closest approximation of our Oneness and our Wholeness it cannot be done by prolonging the sense of separation between us, with healers on one side and those to be healed on the other.

If this is all about making whole then I can only hope to be a healer by accepting my need of being healed myself. God — the Only One of Us — is not complete without any of us. This is our holiness.

In this last century the world, our chosen field of common physical experience, has been changing ever faster — which is only natural because we have been influencing each other’s consciousness in wild dreams and bold imagination and this simply cannot be made undone.

Much has happened these last fifty years which would have been downright unthinkable before. Can you imagine our great grandparents enjoying something like the New Age movement? … The end of segregation or Apartheid taking place during the Depression? … The fall of the Iron Curtain during the Korean War? … The Internet exploding worldwide in the sixties, like it recently did within six years from 3 million to 200 million users? …

These are just a few of the signs that healing or making whole is an irresistible power which is becoming part of our common experience with increasing speed because All of Us are taking part in its creation, whether we accept it or not. And working with it is easier and far more effective than trying to go against it.

So, if I just look around myself with eyes of Love I see healers at work everywhere because All of Us are here now.

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