Oct 251999

Reality is an Undivided Wholeness
(amongst other things)

Last night I stumbled into Common Sense Science – a truly enchanting web site. If I remember correctly, the approach was via Science and Philosophy. This discovery, following so close on the heals of Reality Shifts (see Ursula’s Web Journal – Tuesday’s catch) made me pitch for Quantum Reality.

Here is a list of Worldviews of Prominent Physicists and Philosophers, to which I have dared to add my comments. This is great fun really.

There is no deep reality

Somebody is trying to make a point. I’m not sure what it is. What does deep reality mean?

Reality is created by observation

What we perceive as real is of course created by observation. But when I look more closely, or gaze more steadily, it disappears

Reality is an undivided wholeness

I go along with that. When everything, including my body, disappears, there remains a consciousness indwelling in a wholeness

Reality consists of a steadily increasing number of parallel universes

That may not be reality – but there is no doubt about a steadily increasing number of parallel universes. When we can have millions of web pages steadily increasing and running parallel, we can have any number of parallel universes

The world obeys a non-human kind of reasoning

What a wonderful topic for discussion. Let me try and put it my way: Whatever manifests carries with it it’s own particle/wave/cell intelligence, to combine with group intelligences under the guidance of higher intelligences, never losing its inherent capacity to return to spirit (the undivided wholeness).

The world is made of ordinary objects

Sorry. I have no idea what this means or even how to define ‘ordinary objects’. Nature, to me, seems to bring forth the most extraordinary wonders, and so does engineering for that matter.

Consciousness creates reality

What I perceive as reality is certainly created by my consciousness. But it carries neither patent nor hallmark to prove it is ‘real’.

The world is twofold, consisting of potentials and actualities

No glib comment. I have to think about this. Hope some help will be forthcoming.