Oct 261999

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Dear Stan,

The reason why I am writing you is because I see unifying intentions behind your work … unifying intentions are becoming more and more evident each and every day, all across the world! Throughout history, society has been a reflection of it’s strongest communicators … but, never before has the potential been so great! The sole purpose of this letter is to spread a message … the message, is that we need to unify our strongest communicators! The ultimate goal would be for all forms of media to tell a vision … one vision expressing unity, unconditional love and reverence for all life! Oh yes, this is an awesome age we live in! This is an age when humans must question their egos and remember what their souls yearn for. After all, the titles of god only serve egos … the meaning of god is now making itself clear! There are people from every culture who are strong communicators and who feel the urgency for unity … shall we bring their efforts together? I believe that your answer is yes, and that’s why you’re reading this. Below is a poem I wrote in hopes of inspiring people with unifying intentions …


our angles coincide within perfect variations,
call it .. coincidental inspiration

this is how we are Gaining Our Definitions,
this is how we swallow love’s imagination

call it .. profound intuition,
this is how beings of light create spiritual intermissions

this is what made you question your physical position,
call it a revelation

call it a decision,
a decision to become love’s reflection … even upon darkness, like the
moon’s intention

call it .. a symbolic explanation,
call these words an eternal capsule … only hidden by egotistical

let us call this the reversal of segregation!
we are all Gaining Our Definitions! .. evasive from labelizations

we are .. intertwined with the notion of living within one harmonious
motion, otherwise known as time’s manifestation

this is when angels coincide within perfect variations!

~not the end~

I hope that I’ve inspired you, just as you’ve so greatly inspired me. I will
devote the rest of my life to unifying people, and I will continue to pray for
eternal universal happiness … I hope that prayer becomes contagious! Below is
a list of a few strong communicators who have unifying intentions … my hope is
that the list will continue to grow, and that divine introductions will take
place! The potential is infinite … can you see it?
Spiritually Yours,
Yaron Fishman

Dear Yaron,
Yes, the potential of Oneness manifesting itself in the rich diversity of our
world is infinite.
Therefore the work is light because we’re only fulfilling what already loves to
If we would have to do this as separated individuals, it would be unbearably
heavy – in fact impossible.
So, the unifying intention you speak of is our innermost wish of realizing our
Oneness. And who in their right mind could resist their deepest longing?
I wonder, do you have a homepage yourself or would you like to make use of the
possibility to share your thoughts freely at http://www.powertoshare.com/sharing.htm?
Love and peace,

Dear Stan
It is very encouraging to know that there are so many likeminded people out
there … so many who feel and know the true meaning of spirit. I’d like to see
the communicators unify, and that’s why I’ve been trying to contact so many
people.  I want to spread this message as much as possible … we’re all on
the same team. More people need to be contacted, and it’s up to people like you
and I to bring them together. Feel free to post my letter on your website, and
if you throw any unifying links my way … they will be added to the list. We’re
going to need all the help we can get.  I look forward to further
correspondence with you.
Love & Peace,


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Yaron Fishman

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