Oct 281999

For some practical spirituality, next to Stan Schaap, I can always count on Richard Bach. He is easy to find. Just ask Search Engine for Richard Bach (http://www.richardbach.com/).

Why did you land here?
Where have you flown?
What is it that you know without question, no matter how others insist?

Sorry, Richard. Not now. I’m already busy with the next page.

This Moment
Can be filled with imagination, with daydreams upon which a future depends,
With knowing what’s real in spite of what seems to be.
It can be filled with worry, regret, loneliness, distress.
Which to choose?

While the numbers tick, see the decisions you’re making now, each new parallel world where your thoughts gather, coming true,
As you hold and nurture one of the mega-billion possible ideas
this moment.

………. As you hold and nurture one of the mega-billion possible ideas ……. This moment.

Let’s simplify this. While the number ticks, someone guides my free-will and independent decision-making- exercise through a maze of 350 million web pages. Each is a new parallel world where thoughts gather, coming true.


Travel Bhutan: Dragon Kingdom

Actually I was looking for something else. This page pushed itself forward. So I take a quick trip down memory lane.

Many years ago, Dara , I and our dachshund Pipsy traveled to Darjeeling by the little mountain train. We stayed at the company guest house, complete with cook and caretaker family, all beautiful people. There was a jeep and a driver to take us around. When he drove us to Kalimpong he pointed across the Teesta River – “Bhutan”. There, hidden in the mist, was the dragon kingdom. I felt a strange longing to go into the white mist.

At that time, Bhutan was out of bounds for tourists, except with very special permission. Recently we met a friend of a friend, a young dentist who had a three-year assignment in Bhutan. He feels home-sick.

My traveling-in-the-Himalayas-days are over. But the memory of the incredible sunrise we watched from Tiger Hill remains clear and bright. Watching the sun rise is not the right expression. What one does watch is the sun lighting up range after range after range of the Himalayas, painting the mountains from the softest pinks and lilacs to the strongest amber and rust. Viewed from Tiger Hill, most of Mount Everest is covered by foothills. Mount Everest sticks out as a lonely peak, not towering over the ranges.

Maybe you, who reads this, need to go to Bhutan. Look up the four nights/five days package tour of TSI – Travel Spirit International: http://www.tsiindia.com/bhutan.html


Mayan / Tibetan Prophecy

This site is available by asking search engine for Mayan / Tibetan Prophecy (http://www2.eu.spiritweb.org/Spirit/mayan-tibetan-prophecy.html).

This site is dedicated to the rediscovery of the cosmic wisdom of the Maya, fulfilling the vision to bridge the gaps between the Earth tribes and the Star tribes. (Also check http://www.1spirit.com/alunajoy/)

The beauty of this site is twofold. It gives a complete text and permission to publish it. But – it is asked to respect the teachings and leave it in its entirety and unchanged.

The other – On the right is a list of current articles, with headings like

  • The Self, Maya, and the Heart – Peter Schoonheim Samara
  • Exploring the Wonders of Atlantis – Diandra
  • Living the Law of Love – John Payne
  • You Are Divine Couriers – Ronna Herman
  • Joan Ocean and the Dolphins of the Mayan Caribbean Seas – http://www2.eu.spiritweb.org/News/1999/37/937481540.html

And many more.

Right now there is no need for many more. As soon as I saw the Dolphins I was hooked.


Joan Ocean and the Dolphins of the Mayan Caribbean Sea

“The dolphins have transformed my life” says Ocean (her real name). “I had no intention of exploring the world of the dolphins and whales. In fact, when I went to see John Lilly at a conference in 1978, I was there solely to discuss with him his insights into altered states and contact with other dimensional beings. But all John spoke about was dolphins, dolphins, dolphins.”

Joan Ocean had no interest in dolphins. She only learned swimming in 1986. Three years later, her life was forever changed.

In 1989, a pod of spinner dolphins encircled her and swam with her for two hours.

Since then, the dolphins usually come by and wake her around 5 in the morning, appearing in her dream. Then she gets up and swims with them for 3-4 hours. “When I am with them” she explains, “I enter into what I call ‘pod mind’. I enter their waterflow field and we are in communication.”

Joan Ocean was in practice as a psychologist. Now her clients only want an introduction to the dolphins. People became transformed through their contact with these generous loving beings. All the dead weight drops and joy begins flooding all those who undergo the experience.

Which brings us back to the question: Who is the Guide? Someone is leading me on – first to find web sites which at first glance have no connection. Then I have to share my findings and add my own thoughts and experiences. Right now I want to share a chapter from an unpublished book – Swimming with the Dolphins.


Swimming with the Dolphins
(an excerpt)

“Do you like dolphins?” Aruna asked.
They had walked for a while in the rain, looked at the stormy sea, and then gone back to the cottage.
The cloud cover was heavy.
Tomorrow it would rain again.
“Dolphins? For dinner?”
Aruna burst into tears.
“But darling, what have I done?” Emet, who thought he had made a perfectly decent joke, had expected peals of laughter to break the monotony of the rain on the roof.
“I love dolphins!” Aruna wailed. “I think they are the loveliest creatures on earth. Don’t say anything against them, please. Not even as a joke.”
She really was crying.
Wisely, Emet said nothing. He took his wife in his arms, held her tight and made soothing sounds.
In truth, Emet not only loved dolphins, but had an almost mystical attachment to these beautiful, sleek mammals who lived in the sea, formed close-knit communities, had no enemy other than man.
Scientists said dolphins were more intelligent than humans. How they had come to this conclusion, Emet was not quite sure. It was, after all, not the size of the brain which counted, but how much available brain-power was activated. Man only used a fraction of what was available to him. Why should dolphins be more enlightened?
But why not? The ocean offered as much color, movement, variety and spice of life as the land above, and dolphins were rather clever choosing an existence where one did not have to work for a living and could manage community life without having to support bureaucrats and armies.
There had been the question, why do dolphins enjoy the company of man? Why feel friendly towards man who is over-fishing, cannot prevent oil-spills and dumps all kind of toxic waste into the ocean?
Emet could not think of one good reason, till he met Carl Sagan. Of course they did not meet personally. But when Sagan writes a book called The Cosmic Connection Emet will pick it up. When he reads ‘Some of my best friends are dolphins’, he knows Carl is a friend. He just wishes he had some dolphin friends of his own.
Did he miss something? Years ago, Robin, the boat builder at Mandwa, had told young Emet there are dolphins in the bay and he sometimes swims with them.
Emet, the boy, had been tempted. But he was not a strong swimmer, so in the end he decided to pass.
Carl Sagan had also wondered why dolphins are attracted to human beings. He had given his own answer. Emet immediately recognized it – yes, of course. This is it! What humans provide for dolphins is intellectual stimulation and audio entertainment.
Why do people keep dogs? There is not much the toy poodle of Every Night Josephine can do for you in an emergency – but she can certainly keep you entertained, Emet thought, trying not to smile.
Obviously this was not the time to tell Aruna that he, Emet, would gladly be a nice pet, shake hands, sit, and jump through the loop, if necessary, if only had had a dolphin to love, hold and swim with.
Aruna had dried her tears. She patted his forearm in a gesture which said all right, I forgive you.
Moments later Donald and Helen arrived with four bottles of wine. At their heels followed Vinay, bearing a tray of snacks.
“What are we celebrating?” Aruna smiled and blanched when Donald replied: “The return of the boy on the dolphin!”
Making a sweeping gesture he said: “You should all have been there. I wish you could have shared the experience.”
“Where were you swimming?”
“Probably not far from here. It might have been just on the other side of the Emerald Island. You know how it is. One second you are inside the pyramid, the next you are floating around somewhere.”
Neither Helen, nor Aruna, nor Emet had spent time inside a meditation pyramid. But each had their own way of meditation practices and had experienced dimensions.
“Tell us”, they said in one voice.
“Nothing much to tell” Donald said. “There I was with this school of bottle-nosed dolphins, cruising along the coast, looking for fun. My companions introduced themselves with their own special signature tune – or whistle as you may say – and then let me talk to the babies. Two females were nursing their nine-months olds. One mother said, ah well, another nine months, and the little ones will be on their own.
When dolphins are two years old they start going to school. Dolphins have a sonar script and write on and read from something which sound like akashic records and ……”
Donald shrugged his shoulders.
“It was a unique experience. Yet I have almost completely forgotten which I was taught and shown. Towards the end their leader said: ‘Sorry, we have to de-brief you.'”
“You forgot to mention something you had told me this morning.” Helen reminded him.
“Oh, yes of course.” Donald recalled. “I knew the leader of the group was an old friend of ours, someone we all knew well during an incarnation in Greece. Dolphins have a slightly different re-incarnation pattern than human beings, but they will always come back as dolphins. And they do remember and recognize old friends.”
Sheepishly Donald added: “I feel they sent their regards to you.”
Aruna was crying again. Emet could see these were tears of joy.


First let me explain this excerpt is a chapter from a script I wrote to create a holistic health center on the lines of the ancient Egyptian Temple Beautiful as described by Edgar Cayce.

Then a virus came and ate the edited version.

Meanwhile holistic health, nature cure and alternate healing methods became household words.

The draft script is still with me and so I share Chapter 25 with you, my friends, and with Joan Ocean and the Dolphins of the Mayan Caribbean Sea. This is a beautiful report written by prophets@maul.net. Please go and find out more about her unique and healing adventure with dolphins at: http://www.joanocean.com/