Nov 251999

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Andrew Harvey, the author of the book Bergmann brought me, says he lit a candle before the picture of Mother Meera and looked into her eyes. The photo came to life and emitted white light. Other people had told him about this, but he experienced it for the first time.
Since I must write more about Mother Meera, I thought this makes a good starting point.

I have just spent five minutes gazing at the picture with unfocused eyes. Next door Maria was giving Twiggy (the dachshund) a noisy bath. In the hall, Charlotte was talking on the phone. Obviously I was not in a state of peace and quiet and deep meditation. Nevertheless Mother Meera’s sari began to throb and emit light.

Next time I will light a candle, gaze into her eyes and see whether I too can fill the whole room with the Mother’s light.

I am asking all my net-friends to go to Stan’s favorites, books and links [ May 2004: these pages have been discontinued], print out a Mother Meera picture and channel more light.

Well, yes. Who is Mother Meera?

On one level, a young Indian woman, now married to a German, living in some obscure place near Frankfurt, where she has recently bought a castle to accommodate more people to gather for her blessings.

On another level, I do believe she is a powerful channel for a magnificent, divine, healing and loving energy brought down through her to hasten our evolution – to open our hearts to the light.

In fact, so powerful is her purpose that she used Bergmann to make me take notice – sending someone who had actually been to her darshan, felt its effects and brought me a book – making me eager and willing to pass on the message.


Just looked it up in The English title of Harvey’s book is “Hidden Journey – a spiritual awakening”.

Andrew Harvey, was born in India. Could he possibly be a grandson of the late Captain Harvey, whom we knew years ago?

Of the book Iris Murdoch (a great favourite of mine) says:
“It is a wonderful book, absolutely remarkable and unique, glowing with the mystery of truth. All else apart, it is a lovely story, exiting, touching and funny.”

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  1. I am devotee of Mother Meera from Pondicherry and am glad to know that Mother Meera is in Frankfurt too. I did visit Frankfurt in 1995 for about 3 days. But then I was not aware of Mother Meera

  2. I would be intersted in Darshan with Mother Meera,however I cannot find contact details to make arrangements.The only only contact numbers I can find are for groups of people on retreats.

  3. Dear Neville,

    A Google search for “Darshan with Mother Meera” provided me with a list of sites like, which gives precise details about darshan reservations at



  4. Yours is one of the spiritual site. I would like to visit this on and off

  5. Please visit for more information about Mother Meera and Her visits to the States.

  6. i met mother meera in india in tiruvannamalai and it was an unforgetteble expierience.
    i wanted to know if she will be in italy in the furure

  7. I don’t know about italy. but She will be in India again August 18-19. See

  8. Hello Michael, Would you give us a hint of which region of India Mother will be visiting this summer? My partner and I received Mother’s darshans last summer in Germany for the first time. It was such an unforgettable, blissed, precious moment and experience. Since we live in Asia (Japan), we are planning to fly to India to see Mother again.

  9. To Mari Anne, I can’t say for sure yet, but I believe it will be in Madanapalle. There will also be Darshans again in Tiruvannamalai around the same date. You might just want to sign up to get all the information, or keep watching the page nearer to the date. Madanapalle is about 1 1/2 hrs from Bangalore by taxi. About 4 – 6 hrs by taxi/ bus from Putarpati. I am quite sure there will be a continuing Darshan-schedule announced short term for those present at this event. Don’t hesitate to sgn up, you can also cancel by email again.

  10. Dear Michael, thank you for your message. IT was very informative and helpful. We visited the site ‘Mother Meera India ‘ ( and signed up for the Mother’s 2007 Summer Darshans in India.

    Blessings and Light,

    Mari Anne

  11. This MAY be the location (not yet sure!)IF it is in Madanapalle

  12. This Link maybe better
    You hover over the square that says, ‘Remembrance of Mr. Reddy’

  13. Wow! Michael, Thank you so much. Now we can are very excited about Mother’s Darshans…Love and light, I really appreciate this. Thank you, thank you, thank you… Mari Anne

  14. Darshans in India have just been extended from August 18 to September 2nd. Darshan is everyday at 2 pm. Location is in Madanapalle, Chittoor Distr. AP, Remembrance of Mr. Reddy, Paramatma Dari 4, near Arogya Matha English Medium School (see the link above), also near new Ayyappa Swami Temple. There is also a Darshan in Tiruvannamalai at the 16 August in one of the local halls.

  15. Correction: Darshans start at 6 pm

  16. Dears,
    Come to Bangalore and I can guide you to Mother Meera.

  17. t you for this website. I shall be in south india in dec jan next07/08 do you know how i can do to see if I may have darshan in india. Is there ashrams in india. T Y in advance Shanti OM

  18. Hello Maud: Yes, actually there IS Mother Meera’s Ashram called ‘Remembrance of Mr. Reddy ‘. In that house people are to receive Mother’s precious Darshans at 18:00 on an ‘everyday’ basis until the middle of September. for further detailed information, you may find it at Blessings, Mari Anne

  19. Hello Maud, looks like there would be more Darshans from January / February 2008 in India. Look at the website nearer to the time.

  20. I shall be in bangalore on december 6th next. TY to all…. for these informations… and Kadali for your help may you email tome direct by the way I tried to see Mother Meera schedule and I could not find Shanti Om

  21. i dont know if mail got right
    ok ty i shall read website nearer to the time and is there any accomodation there ?????? have good day to all

  22. There are lots of Lodges there. I would recommend Vijaya lodge in CTM Road, opposite Chaitanya Lodge, also a good place to stay. Just off CTM road near RTC bus stand is Ananda lodge. You could walk from there to the Ashram, but it takes about half an hour. A riksha costs 15 Rps at normal times from there.There is also a new guest house, called Srinivas Lodge, just above the supermarket with the same name, also near RTC bus stand in CTM road. Closer is a more simple place in Bangalore Road, but sufficiently clean, Ramprabula Lodge, only 10-15 min walk.

  23. thank y so much Michael I noted all this. you seen to be used to the place… have a good day… if any clue tell us all help so much
    au revoir maud

  24. In Tiruvannamalai I met avery nice young gentleman, who helpt me to get to know mather Meera. I forgot his name, but still wanted to Thank him and i am still waiting for apost card of THE MOuntain

  25. Are the people who are still commenting on this Mother Meera article, posted November 25th, 1999; aware of the fact that Ursula Mistry died in Bombay, on the 20th of June 2007? She will not be able to read your comments any more.
    Love and Light,