Nov 251999

Momfeather and Mother Meera

The Bombay winter has started, bright and sunny, not too hot in the shade during the day and pleasantly cool at night.

With it come family and friends from abroad, and I get less time for my journal. Der Bergmann (our Indian friend from Penzberg) has come and gone.

Bergmann brought me the ultimate proof that I’m not alone.

Yes, I have always wanted to share new discoveries and ideas.

Yes, I met Stan Schaap who gave me the facility to share the shimmering gems of love and truth I suddenly find strewn along my path.

But no, nothing is ‘mine’ and ‘Mine Will’ Shall Not Be Done.


Weeks ago, looking into Stan’s favourites – books and links [May 2004: these pages have been discontinued] I found Mother Meera and Momfeather.

I first clicked on Mother Meera.

Come on now. That young woman doesn’t even look like a mother. In fact she looks like one of Prakash’s telephone operators – quite familiar and like nothing to write home about. (Don’t forget I live in India.)

Momfeather, an American Indian, is a real love. You look at her face and you want to hug her. Her home-page is indeed a warm place to come to and enjoy. She is a Daughter of Creation who writes words to go straight to the heart. They want to be shared with all Sons and Daughers of Creation who at time feel need for a prayer of affirmation.

I am born of Mother Earth;
I have felt the calling of the Creator from within.
I feel blessed and filled with love and joy.
I allow this flow to happen.
I leave myself open for creation.
Moving in the direction of my dreams allows me to move closer to my divinity.
Mother Earth is my home.
I feel safe and protected with her at all times.
I accept guidance from within, from people and from situations.
I treat myself gently and allow myself to be vulnerable.
I accept myself today as I am, without need for perfection.
I honor the wisdom of life.
I learn from all I encounter.
I extend my heart and hand.
I reach for my wisdom and my compassion to aid others.
Lasting friendships seem to find me.
I am a lover of life, even in times of sorrow and anxiety.
I comfort myself by comforting the world, by cherishing life;
I allow life to cherish me.
I am able to love without demands.
My love is fluid, flexible, committed and it allows people and events to unfold as needed.
My heart explores the world with wonder.
My life advances through my attitudes and actions.

Is this not beautiful?

Back to the top. Der Bergmann comes with German sausage and Dutch cheese (an important imported part of my season of comfort and joy) and also brings me a German book. Or an Indian book, written by an Englishman, translated into German.

It is called ‘Der Pfad ins Herz,’ a spiritual journey by Andrew Harvey. On the cover flutter seagulls over tropical waters. On the back cover – hold it – is Mother Meera looking straight into my eyes.