Nov 011999

e-mail to sent last Friday:

This Moment can be filled with daydreams upon which a future depends, with knowing what’s real in spite of what seems to be.,br>
It can be filled with worry, regret, loneliness, distress.
Which to choose?
While the numbers tick, see the decisions you’re making now, each new parallel world where your thoughts gather, coming true, as you hold and nurture one of the mega-billion possible ideas this moment.

Like it? I found this in Richard Bach com. Although it has already been shared, it may have come here specially for you.

Advice???? Don’t kill yourself. You’ll only land in a vacuum with full consciousness and no web to play with. Horrible thought, isn’t it?

Love and Peace. I’ll be glad to be your Audience.


Yes, it is a repetition. The wise man who said so is Richard Bach. I found it on his official site and wanted to share it. It’s come again because I want it to reach Yar Ka. He send me a long letter. A quick reply seemed appropriate before going out of town for a long weekend.

Yar Ka wrote to me:

I am tired of being in here. Think about it.
I am 19.
I used to have a girl but she left me.
I did a lot of miracles, but the only miracle I need is her love.
She said “You are a dumb, insane animal and I do not believe you. I do not care about your feelings.”
I tried to be myself, but I found that IAS IS means nothing to her.
She didn’t even give me a note on my birthday.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
I did it all for her.
Sometimes I think that all she is trying to do is to make me kill myself.
And I ask myself. WHY?
I do not know what is EXACTLY happening around me.
Sometimes I think I am absolutely alone and no one knows about my existence here.
And sometimes I feel myself in the centre of “Trueman show”.
I do not know how.
Sometimes I think I need money.
Sometimes I think I need an audience.
Sometimes I think I need a little bit more power.
But sometimes, when I get nervous: earthquakes, air crashes … I wish I had no power at all.
I need help.
I want to break free.
I have a lot to give.
But it seems no one wants to take.
Someone said: if you love – you give everything and do not expect anything for this. But I don’t want just feed emptiness.
You create something and you enjoy your creation.
I want my love back.
Isn’t this easy to understand?
Oh … I started a dream program three or more times in this world, but if you want to arise there is no other way but love. Change my life conditions. I realize you can put me under total control and probably I am under such a control right now or may be I am just an insane person.
You never are interested what I would do if I had unlimited money.
That’s it. I can’t take the cage I live in anymore.
Love and peace.

Yar Ka

Central Cloud, sun, sphere, god and so on …. Funny how …


My message bounced. A connection with server could not be established. So this is another attempt to reach Yar Ka.

It is also an appeal to all the dear friends who visit this page: Please send some healing thoughts to Yar Ka and others like him.

We all get our fair share of feeling unloved, unheard and unwanted before we start experimenting with balms and salves. Now we know: laughing, listening, stroking and hugging are wonderful remedies. In doing them unto others we heal ourselves.