Dec 021999

Last night I made an attempt to chat and booked myself into a what’s-it chat room which happens to come along.

This is one of the problems the newbies have. (Add to internet dictionary. A newbie is an ordinary, lovable and basically intelligent human being who becomes brain-dead when confronted with internet-guru-lingo, tutorials and on-line lessons.)

You know how it is. You find something perfectly wonderful only to misplace it amongst the three million odd web pages.

‘Book-mark’ this page, they say.

Now I have innumerable methods of book-marking pages in books, some bordering on sheer vandalism.

Although I have not yet discovered how to do likewise on the net, here is well-tested procedure.
If you love a page and want to find it again, send a brief e-mail note of appreciation. Then you have something on record to go back to. Besides you will gladden the heart of somebody somewhere.


This morning’s e-mail brought me a Welcome to Delphi Forums. It came from no other than Rusty Williams, the Vice-President himself.

This is how it should be!

Now I know exactly where I was last night.

Rusty Williams tells me my forum page is

If I have a problem I can visit the members services page at

When the Vice-President himself – okay, okay you may say it’s done with mirrors – I mean computers – but still – when he writes and ends his letter with “We look forward to seeing you online!”, wouldn’t you too follow the invitation? I can never resist the thrill of being looked forward to.

Of the several options I chose ‘Politics – The Bully Pulpit.’ For one thing there were only two people on-line so at least one knows who talks to whom. I thought I tune in and listen for a while.

Immediately I got ‘welcome uschi’. This came from Laura. And very soon after this I was also talking to G. (can’t remember the name – a lovely woman from Sweden now settled in California). Then came a teacher of history who teaches at one of those ‘special schools’ which I once saw in a movie and it scared the daylight out of me. He did seem a very special person.

We very quickly reached a consensus that these children need unconditional love, self-love and self-respect.

Laura asserted self-love and self-respect cannot be taught. Either it is there or it isn’t.

This is a point to ponder. Let’s say it can be washed away with the nappies, misplaced in the nursery, pushed underground by god-fearing semi-saints, dissected in school, misplaced under the mud-slide of negative influences.

My mind turns to Stan who asks: Is it not simpler to accept the notion that I can never change what I really am and that I do not need to change what I am not?

Meanwhile John T. joins and the talk switches to the riots in Seattle. John, it seems, enjoys fencing. I’m told for the past three years he’s been trying to get Laura to ‘see things his way’.

The best thing is I’ve been warmly invited to come again.

And I will.