Dec 211999

These poems are shared by Sallie Cooper

God Speak
In the branches of the oak tree,
In the chill of winters air,
In the brightness of the sunlight,
You will find Me there.

In the dampness of the dew,
In the mossy, covered stone,
In the midst of darkest night
You are never on your own.

For we are one and share one soul.
I am you, you are me, God into man,
Universal soul shared by all.
We are, it is, I AM…

I Say
You say I can’t be pagan and still believe in God.
I say that’s where you’re wrong, my friend, it isn’t all so odd.
I left the god that I once knew as I began my search.
The god of love that I now have I couldn’t find in church.
My friend, my god, my soul, source of my design.
I do not limit Her ideals nor does He limit mine.
The magic that I make is simply ours to share
And the magic of it all, is that it’s everywhere.

Sallie Cooper


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