Dec 201999

Joy to the World

Greetings dear friends, old and new, known and yet to meet, gone and waiting to be reborn, learners and fellow travelers, onlookers and guardian angels willing us into a millennium of higher consciousness.

May all our dreams and hopes for the human race come true, and may we meet again along the path.


Today I found my Christmas Gift in unifying intentions – correspondence – a recent addition to Stan’s other shared writings. This comes from Yaron Fishman. I love the link to Cougar’s Place. I reached this through There is enough for all of us here, so go and pick up your gifts.


What would you like to do for the millennium? Let’s go and swim with the dolphins!

I found Joan Oceans Dolphin Connection Home page and learned dolphins communicate through vibrations, through sonar and synchronized movement, through acoustic images, feelings, sounds and group-energy fields.

No, I have not made arrangements. Most of what I do now takes place in my imagination.

Our plan is to go to the sea shore at Awas and wait under the stars for the dawn of a new millennium.

Perhaps the dolphins will make their presence and their joy known to us with a few leaps in the air.

Or perhaps I relax into the silence of the Whales far out in the Indian Ocean.

Let me just tell you how Joan Ocean describes her communication with whales.

“I reach out the tentacle from my brain and as I grope around in their great unknown, I find nothing – nothing I can latch on to, nothing I can relate to and bring home to my own mind as an information channel, nothing to spark a bio-electric wave for transmission. I reach out, I grope around, I search, and finally I give up.

‘That is not it. We do not communicate in that way. Just listen, just be still, just Be.’

I relax into the silence. I become aware of a huge all-encompassing cloud of blissful emptiness. Allowing it in, I am lost. There is no me. There are no thoughts, no body, no ocean, no Joan. I am submerged in a state of sublime peace that defies definition. My mind is silent, even useless. Never have I felt so submerged in the depths of the unknown before. I want to stay in this gentle and profound state forever. A supreme state of Oneness. This is communication with the whales.”

Thank you dear Joan for this lovely description of a particular state of meditation.

We, dear friends, may not swim with dolphins or float with whales, but I still wish you the peace that passeth all understanding.

Love and Peace