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Happy New Year!

We managed to be wide awake to greet the Year 2000 and again joined the midnight celebrations in New York the next morning on TV.

2000 began well. Found a cartoon website.

Here are two samples:

Denise the Menace asks his grandparents: “And where did you both celebrate the last millennium?”

Then (with reference to Y2K) there is this elderly couple with a marriage counselor:

“I want us to head for the Middle East with a fundamentalist doomsday cult to await the second coming, but HE wants us to head for the hills with the Y2K survivalists to await the breakdown of society.”


Incidentally, we don’t need Y2K glitches in Mumbai. The year 2000 started with a full blown taxi and transporters strike. Makes the air a lot cleaner.


Last day of the year I went back briefly to the dolphins and read dolphin babies already know everyone in their pod (community) because they communicate before they are born.

Same as people.

No kidding. First thing this year I found : “Pre-Birth Communication: The Link of Love” written by Theresa M. Danna prewombpsi@earthlink.net.

There are some lovely stories how people met their children, sometimes years before birth.

Here is one: A woman woke up feeling a cool breeze on her arm. When she opened her eyes, she saw a little boy. He was not one of her two sons, yet she found herself saying: “What are you doing up? Go back to bed.” The little boy giggled , ran across the room and hid behind a chair. She got up to look for him, but he was gone. Two years later she gave birth to him, her third son.


My asthma is getting bad again and the threat of hospitalization hangs over me. Just after the doctor left I found a Huna Prayer for Perfect Health. I feel it is very powerful and like to share it with you. If you need it for yourself, just replace ‘my beloved friends’ with ‘myself’.

Huna Prayer for Perfect Health

Beloved Presence of God, and Inner Plane Ascended Masters and the Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, Beloved Holy Spirit,

The MAP Healing Team,

Dr. Lorphan of Sirius,

Beloved Sai Baba,


The Seraphim of Healing Angels,

Lord of Arcturus,

The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light,

the Ascended Master Sananda,

The archangel Gabriel and Hope,

and every master healer;

I hereby ask and humbly pray with all my heart and Soul

and mind

and might

for divine and perfect physical health made manifest through healing of whatever needs to be healed for my beloved friends ……………………………

I ask for full healing of the etheric and physical body of my beloved friends ………………………………, as well of support and healing of the emotional, mental and spiritual body.

I ask that the whole of my beloved friends ………………………………… will be brought more and more to the divine light for holistic healing and balancing of whatever needs healing and balance.

I ask that every person that can be of help and of support for my beloved friends …………………………………. will be magnetized to them

I ask that my beloved friends …………………………………. will find a path of self-healing from now on, with Perfect Radiant Health as the ultimate goal.

In God’s name, I accept our divine heritage, right now, and thank Thee for the timely answer to this prayer.

God’s will be done.


Om Om Om

(Repeat above prayer aloud three times.)

My beloved subconscious mind, I hereby ask and lovingly command that you take this thought-form prayer to God, along with all the mana, prana and vital force needed and necessary to manifest and demonstrate this prayer.


Om Om Om

(Breathe the Prayer to God. Wait for ten to fifteen seconds.)

Lord, let the Rain of Blessings fall upon my beloved friend.


Om Om Om

(Feel energy coming from God back to you. Soak in it. )

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  1. I felt the love of God as I said and thought this prayer. Blessed be!