Jan 102000

Today I would like to pass on to you the words with which, in the summer of 1979 in Bombay, the Danish Painter Arne Pjedsted Salomonsen introduced his paintings.

Art is a dream made reality,
the dream is a reality
not yet understood

Being confronted again and again, as I believe all painters are, by the question: ‘What do you paint?’ and unfortunately being born in a time when people question more than they look, I came upon these two words: ‘Mystic Realism’. And so I might quiet the one questioning; but soon one would ask again: ‘What is that?’

The world of colors and forms I see as an objective reality beyond my earthy understanding. So, in order to receive, in order to make it a subjective reality, in order to partake in that world, I make myself silent, holding in tow my imagination. I remain quiet, waiting for the colors to show their joy and forms, and for the forms to reveal the nature of truth and beauty.

I try to see in the white canvas or paper the light. By covering this light with thin veils of colors, one on top of the other, again and again, the colors come into being.

Beyond the light there is no darkness, as there is no backside to the sun.

Beyond, going through that light, be it on paper, on canvas, or through the sun, another light might shine, a light even brighter and more difficult to behold.

I try to bring this light alive, this light that is always there. Through my feelings and love for life, I blend my colors into a picture that comes to me either slowly or sometimes fast.

The Chinese meditated for days until the imagination formed itself into a few fast lines. The impressionist tried to capture the light of nature by painting spontaneously with wet oils. And the renaissance painter worked out of patience and in service for the divine. From where comes the picture? How is it born unto the painter? How does he capture the breath of the constant creation?

Creative art is being one with both the known and the unknown, like the inhaling and exhaling of the breath. In working with plant colors I feel I am closer to that rhythm of the air.

Here within an ocean of colors so vast and external, plays the one who dares.

May the image created then be of beauty and truth.


Arne Pjedsted Salomonsen
Summer Solstice 1979, Bombay

Perhaps it was the lovely picture introducing Eia’s Spiritual Connection which brought Arne Pjedsted Salomonsen back into my consciousness. (Tell you more about him some other time.) Or perhaps it was Eia’s message:

Now that the earth’s axis ‘shifts’
Towards more Light,
With it comes more Energy, more Hope
And more New things … for you!

Eia’s messages are available on a daily basis and are delivered to ones mailbox free by requesting to be put on the mailing list at eia17@midtel.net.

And listen to this: Is it a message specially for me?

Within You is the Ocean
Don’t pollute it with Fear, Jealousy, Anger, Frustration and Disappointment.
For these things are not Just Feelings, they Are Toxic to Your Well-Being.
As Hope Clears Out more of These, the ‘dolphins’ will come to You and Restore you to Health!

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  1. Are you still in touch with Arne? We used to know him well but have not seen him for about 20 years and have lost his address. Best Wishes Russell