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This continuing story is shared by Gary Douglas Smith

Here is a short recap of my experiences with God. As I write, I am 31 years old. The day after my 31st birthday, while in quiet, I heard a clear, distinct voice. There was no mistaking this voice; it was the voice of God. God relayed 4 messages to me. The second message (I do not believe that I am supposed to share the first message) was, “You have been given the gift of healing.” The third message was, “You will lead man away from suffering.” The fourth message was, “There is nothing to fear.” That entire week I heard the same 4 messages over and over again.

A few months later, while taking a break from watching a movie on television, I felt compelled to listen to God’s voice. God repeated the same four messages and added, “You will awaken to this knowledge in your 31st year.” At that point, I remembered that I had heard these four messages, and the instruction that I would realize my gift in my 31st year, at the time of my birth or even before my actual birth. The experience was so strong that I felt I was actually transported to that pre-birth period where I first heard the messages, and I understood that I was now awakening to God’s plan for me; that this experience was unfolding perfectly.

After meditation in the morning, I was compelled to begin a writing exercise recommended by Barbara Marx Hubbard. While journal writing, I began to ask God questions and leave space for replies. Almost instantly I experienced a form of automatic writing in which my questions were being answered in a “voice” clearly not my own. The style of writing and even some vocabulary were unfamiliar to me, and I believe that these writings are communications from God. After a short while, I began to feel like rather than a form of automatic writing, the messages were a more controlled, active dialogue with God. I began to journal God’s messages. These messages have been given to me in order to teach me how to love myself. I have journals filled with these messages, highlights of which I can share with you if interested.

About three months ago, I had a phone conversation with the secretary of a well-known author. At the time, she was experiencing some health problems, but I had no way of knowing this. When I next spoke with her after a few weeks had passed, she told me that she had had an “instantaneous healing” immediately after our initial conversation. She said her hands and arms were healed from age-related ailments and arthritis, to the point where she was unable to open jars and had no real range of motion. Her husband witnessed the change in her movement and called it a miracle.

I spoke to her again some time later, and performed another healing over the phone because of some excruciating back pain that confined her to bed. Shortly thereafter, her physician-ordered physical therapy was cut short and he told her it was almost “miraculous” how she had recovered and sent her home.

I have also been working with the well-known author. His age-related ailments have also improved to the point that he now swims in his lake and rides his bicycle up and down the hills near his home (that was his dream when he moved in to his house earlier this year). I am honored to be of any assistance to him, a man whose work I admire and who has been a great supporter of my own path.

I know this gift is from God and was given to me to share with the world. What it is I can only speculate. What I have been told is that the “energy” is unconditional love. While I am doing a healing, I feel an energy swirling in my heart area. I feel as if my heart is bursting open. I feel heat, pressure, density, pin pricks, and other sensations in my hands. While I am present in a healing, I am unconditional love. I see others as God sees them: as pure beauty and love. When in this state, I have moments of feeling/expressing God. My purpose is to become unconditional love. What I have been told is that Jesus, for example, was able to heal because he was living, breathing, unconditional love: the human embodiment of this higher love. Unconditional love heals all and casts out illness. My messages indicate that Jesus said we could all aspire to be him; I believe he was saying that we could all aspire to be unconditional love. This is the journey I am on.

I do not know where the journey will take me nor do I know what other beautiful experiences I will encounter. What I am certain of is that God is leading me.

If you wish to speak about my experiences with God, please email me.

With Love,

Gary Douglas Smith

e-mail: crownchakra@earthlink.net

Dear Gary,

Thank you for sharing your experience of remembering being a born healer and discovering the spontaneous ways of wholesome, whole-souled action.
You have discovered the treasure that has been there all the time, laying buried under your own hearth – your heart.

Do you also experience that you cannot heal without being healed yourself?

Consciously allowing Love’s energy to work through you will make you wholly benefit by the healing yourself.

This gift was given you, Gary, to heal others in their physical aspect but first of all to make whole – to make the illusion of separation come to an end. You know this, of course, because you recognized the presence of unconditional love in yourself, which is the only power that can restore our minds to oneness.

I felt very blessed receiving your message. There was synchronicity this evening: while you were sending your e-mail to me, I was on my way home from work and my mind was occupied by thoughts about what’s needed for healing to take place.
Just ask! says Christ. And behold! There’s the simple answer already popping out of my mailbox.

Before I forget, there is a beautifully succinct teaching in ‘A Course in Miracles’:
“Teach only love, and learn that love is yours and you are love.”
(A.C.I.M. Text 6.III.4:9)

Yes, Gary, I think we are on the same journey: getting used to being what we are.



Dear Stan,

I want to share with you my Statement of Purpose.
I believe that my destiny consists of 3 purposes:

1) healing
I believe that God uses me to heal. What He tells me is that I am here to heal people of their pain, of their suffering and to connect them with their souls.

2) to inspire people to find and live their divine purposes
I believe that everyone was born with a divine purpose. I’ll use the overused analogy of a symphony. If we were all playing the instruments we were born and gifted to play, the music we produce would be in perfect harmony. However, if some are not playing the correct instrument, things will be out of balance, chaotic. This is the state of the world at present. It is my belief that as we awaken to our unique place in the symphony, peace will result.

3) to shatter the mythology of God
My third purpose is to express my experience of God. We live in a culture that believes in a God that is in heaven (outside of ourselves), in a God that judges, in a God that we must fear, in a God who only speaks to prophets. My Truth is that God lives within each of us, that God is unconditional love, that God speaks to us all of the time, that God is forgiveness and that God wishes to have a relationship with all of us.
I believe that part of my purpose is to demystify the perception of God and to awaken the divine power within all of us.

With Love,


e-mail: crownchakra@earthlink.net
homepage: http://www.garydouglassmith.com
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  7 Responses to “The Gift of Healing”

  1. Reading through this page has brought tears to my eyes. I was lead here to read this, of that I have no doubt. I’m exhausted and hurting, both physically and emotionally BUT I knew I needed to type ‘the gift of healing’ into the yahoo web search before I could go to bed. And this is the first place I wound up. I’ve been getting some signs that seem to be indicating that I’m supposed to be healing too.

    I’ve found myself on a path of spiritual self-discovery and every time I discover something I think, “Okay, I need to concentrate on this.” But then something new is thrown into the pot and I feel overwhelmed. I’m yammering on and on. Sorry, I’m not sure what I want to say, except that what you’ve written here touched my soul and I thank you for it!

  2. What a fantastic prose representation of the messengers we hear advising us to heed our ‘higher powers’ advice. It touched my heart to read yet another gifted soul who found their calling, from deep within their psychological motivations, to repair the connections between Spirit, Mind and Body. God is your friend and you have shared your relationship with the world.
    Excellent !
    sharing the light

  3. I witness so much suffering each day at a nursing home where all are near death, some suffer a short time, while others suffer for long periods of time, even years, and I often wish I were gifted with healing, not so much to cure, for death is but rebirth, a blessed release, but simply to alleviate the suffering so many endure for so long. Is there a reason why some suffer so terribly and others do not? But then, I don’t suppose you would know. But I wonder about it.

  4. Gary,
    I so very much appreciate the testimony you’ve shared here. I too found you by searching for the gift of healing.
    It is so true that the fundamental, essential element to healing is the unconditional love for people. I answered a call to the healing ministry a few years ago and the result is that my love and compassion for others has grown beyond what I’d ever imagined.
    Again, thank you for this post – I feel a little less alone with the gracious gift of God.

  5. Gary,

    How do you know if you have the gift? I believe God is directing me towards a healinlg ministry. I’m not sure if it is my time. Can you provide some answers?

  6. Dear visitors,
    This post is 6 years old. Please use his own website mentioned above (http://www.garydouglassmith.com) to contact Gary directly, as he may not be reading this.


  7. hi i have aslso been touch by healing i seems to be telling every one in happiness as i feel so special wha do you think