Jan 222000

Stan will remember my struggle to make it to the Chess Message Board. Whatever I tried, Yahoo did not admit me. 1999 – July, August, September, October went and still “no admission”. Several friends and several experts tried but no luck. By August I had already realized there were some forces at work preventing my access to the messages board. It seemed I had other work to do. I let go.

No sooner had I surrendered to spiritual guidance, when I found Stan’s power to share. It was like coming home. Here were my thoughts and feelings echoed by so many people. I was no longer alone. There was a place where I could share my writings!

Stan posted my homepage on his site, suggested Ursula’s Web Journal, added my guest book. And I have the notion my task is to help spread the message: “The Web is an information Highway to Higher Consciousness.”

Suddenly, in November 1999 I found myself admitted to the message board, with Yahoo even offering to do and doing the verifications for me. In January 2000 I found the Board I’ve been waiting for. Or maybe it was waiting for me. The first contact has already brought Victor to power to share, who has translated the words of a Spanish Poet:

The hidden law, the one that mysteriously distributes all excellences, has dignified in granting YOU the privilege of privileges, the good of all goodness, the prerogative of prerogatives: To give? You CAN give!

For the full text please go to Stan’s homepage, other shared writings.

Can you think of a better way to start the new millennium?


This is the message board I have been granted the power to share with you and here is how you reach it: Go to Yahoo, Go to Religion. At the top you find: “Post a Message.” Click on it and go down to “Spirituality.”