Jan 202000

This translated meditation is shared by Victor

This may be a bad translation, but it is something I’d like to share with you for it has brought great insight into my life. It is a message that’s been delivered to me every time at work, at school, and in my family.

To Give

Every person looking for you is going to ask you for something: The bored rich one, the amenity of your conversation; the poor one, your money; the sad one, consolation; the weak one, motivation; the one struggling, moral help. Every person looking for you will surely ask you for something.

…And you dare to become impatient! And you dare to think: “What a nuisance!” Poor soul! The hidden law, the one that mysteriously distributes all excellences, has dignified in granting YOU the privilege of privileges, the good of all goodness, the prerogative of prerogatives: To give! You CAN give!

In as many hours as the day has, you give, you give at least a smile, a simple handshake, a few words of encouragement!

In as many hours as the day has, you resemble HIM who is nothing but perpetual giving, perpetual diffusion, perpetual gift.

You should go down on your knees before The Father and tell him: “Thank you My Father because I can give! Never more a shadow of impatience should cross my face!”

“I truly tell you, it is better to give, than receive”

Amado Nervo (Mexico)
1870 – 1919


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