Feb 262000

(Thank you for being here with us on this planet continued)

Clicked on http://www.lichtinsel.ch and explored the Angel Cards.

In four rows, there are nine cards each, face-down, thirty-six in all, with instructions: ‘click on one of these cards to find out which Angel is currently accompanying you. If you cannot decide, gaze on the picture until one card seems to come forward.’

None came forward, maybe because there were only two and a half rows, eighteen cards and nine half cards visible on my screen. This problem can be overcome by printing out the page, which I did.

When I gazed on the complete set of thirty-six angel cards, ‘my Angel’ nudged me. From the location on the paper I traced him to the third row on the screen. Clicked to open the card I found him to be the

Angel of Trust

What a lovely angel to have by my side.

Then clicked on “Reiki” and found:

“Hier entsteht eine Reiki-Info.Linkseite.”

So it doesn’t exist as yet, it’s in the making.

Lichtinsel is a lovely place. There are even offers to publish addresses, treatment, courses ….. but … Yes, I noticed it too. It’s in German. Good for our German family and friends!