Feb 262000

Does this happen to you too? There are times when time stands still. Nothing moves. Nothing happens. You are waiting for something and you don’t know what.

And then a door opens, a new path appears.

Anu came on Thursday, gave me an hour of Reiki and offered to put me through a twenty-one day course, starting next Monday. I gladly accepted the offer. It’s pocket money for her and a ‘straw’ to cling to for me. I want to get rid of my viral asthma.

Made one condition: Dara, my dear husband, should not go alone to our country retreat and Anu will have to spend her weekends with us in Awas. It’s a treat which she gladly accepted.


The Thursday session was nice. For me it was one hour of tranquility, observing cold and heat and vibrations in various parts of the body. I felt energized and hopeful after the treatment.

Here is something worth sharing, I thought, particularly with people who are searching for alternate healing methods. Let me keep a diary of the twenty-one days, then see how best it can be shared. As I record this, I am becoming aware that I had already decided these twenty-one days of Reiki will lead to a major break-through, worth sharing.


Today there was a message in my e-mail. Someone had left a note in my guest-book:

“Thank you for being here with us on this planet.”

It came from ursi at http://www.lichtinsel.ch and says precisely what I want to tell you and all my friends who have granted me the power to share.

Thank you for being here and thank you for being you.