Feb 102000

I was before the brown forest
I was before the ancient peaks
Before the stars
Before the darkness
Before water and ice
Wind, scent and flavor
Birth and Death.
Past, Present and Future.
I was before as I will always be
A center of consciousness
In the divine sea of Life.

How did I come to write these words, when I only wanted to share some lines of the late Californian poet Robinson Jeffers? Of course there is a poet in all of us – I am just a very late starter.


These are the words which moved me greatly.

I entered the life of the brown forest
And the great life of the ancient peaks,
The patience of stone,
I felt the changes in the veins
In the throat of the mountain, and I was the streams
Draining the mountain woods;
and I the stag drinking,
and I was the stars boiling with light,
wandering alone, each one the lord of his own summit,
and I was the darkness
outside the stars I included them.
They were part of me …
How can I express the excellence I have found
That has no color but clearness;
No honey but ecstasy


What does it mean?

As Joanna Macy says (Resurgence, The Great Turning), we hardly have words for the cognitive, spiritual and perceptual revolution that is occurring now at a stunning speed. It was she who introduced me to Robinson Jeffers.

(Of course it was Stan who introduced me to Resurgence.)