Mar 082000

Remember? My friend Anu is giving me the twenty-one day Reiki course.

Reiki is a cleansing and healing process, where hands are laid and energy is channeled.

Later today will be the tenth session.

Here is the interim report of the first nine days:

Day One
Very restless during the practice.

Day Two
More relaxed. Feel sleepy.

Day Three
Carmel says I am more animated. Dara says I look brighter.

Day Four
Started to drink water instead of coffee.

Day Five
Nothing memorable occurs.

Day Six
Help me! I feel strangulated by the amount of gas pressing on my windpipe as burp after burp after burp rises. This is terrible. No, it isn’t. It’s part of the cleansing process.

Day Seven
The burping continues, but less frequent and more gentle.
My problem of water retention turns into the need for flood control.

Day Eight
The cleansing process is fully activated! At night lucid dreams and images, like reaching into another dimension.

Day Nine
I fall asleep during the practice.

Day Tenth
Reiki will start later. Paid my morning visit to power to share and opened “You are Healed, The Journey Begins.”

Too much of a coincidence?

It tells me:

Be present
Remind yourself always
Of the truth of what you are.
Seek not outside yourself.
Choose only acceptance.
Be only Love.

From: A Journey to Healing by Eddie Barnett.