Mar 152000

On March 01, 2000 I read the message posted by Dennis Allen. Today, fifteen daily Reiki sessions and five journal pages later, the importance of one particular sentence has suddenly dawned on me.

The Primary action that will get you results
in these new times
is simply to share the most powerful insight you own
with whomever you think is receptive.

Less than a year ago I went onto the Net. My then most powerful insight was, that I suffered from spiritual constipation. Ideas, thoughts, realizations – there was too much incoming and not enough outgoing to maintain the flow.

I was (and still am) not just a newbie but a complete net-nit-wit, scared of my own click-here-shadow.

My initial struggle for a home page is a hilarious comedy of errors (but only in retrospect).

After I had shared my first major insight, the results poured in: Stan offered to accommodate my home page and did so. Soon afterwards Stan established my journal. Then came a visitors’ book and now I am also part of the practical spirituality forum. Whatever I write flows out, and whoever opens this web site is willing to receive.

The cosmic principle behind all this must be a simple law of attraction – like attracts like – made more powerful by the web.


When the student is ready the master appears.

Thank you Dennis Allen.