Apr 042000

Monday was a busy day. Had e-mail from Rajeesh (rajeesh@vsnl.com) wishing me Good Earth Luck and offering to enrich my life with Feng Shui.

Remembered Nobel House by James Clavell. This magnificent novel plays in Hong Kong. It gave me my first introduction to Fung Sui. Never mind the spelling. It’s the same thing.

In the novel, Cayce, a new arrival, notices the front door is at an odd angle. Dunross, an old China-hand, explains when the building was constructed they forgot to consult the ‘house fung sui man’. This omission caused a run of bad luck and was later rectified by changing the angle of the door.

Every building in the whole of China is on some part of the earth dragon. To be on his back is perfect. To be on his head is bad. To be on his eye-ball is terrible. Fortunately the structure was on the dragons back, but the devils were getting in from the front. So the door angle was changed and all became well again.

Questioned about it, Dunross says, no, he does not believe in devils and dragons, but when you live in Hong Kong you are in China and it’s best to act a little Chinese.

Reminds me of the Texan Rancher who likewise is not at all superstitious. Then why the horseshoe on his door? Well, he says, it’s supposed to bring good luck whether you believe in it or not.


I’m digressing.

Rajeesh is a Feng Shui consultant who will make sure your house, garden, office or factory have a free flow of energy.

His letter made me open a few Feng Shui web sites. Walked into Feng Shui Warehouse Inc. and the first things I noticed were the old Tibetan wall hangings. I had bought one like that years ago. Now I can’t even remember to whom I presented it. I’m smiling, thinking how careless we were with ancient treasures when we were young.

The Feng Shui Warehouse Inc. is a lovely site. One can even join a mailing list for the free feng shui tip of the week.


Later I went to the American Feng Shui Institute, located in Southern California, as visitor 133434. This center was founded in 1991 and teaches Feng Shui as a scientific discipline.