Apr 092000

When I transcribe this, I will be in Bombay. Right now I am sitting on the west-side on the verandah in our country house. The morning sun does not reach here. It is shady and cool.

The ‘gaonty’ mango tree has put one cluster of fruits almost within the reach of my outstretched hands. From where I sit I can count eleven more clusters.

‘Gaonty’ means country-type. The fruits will not be large, but will get pretty red cheeks and be sweet and juicy.

This mango tree was not planted. As with all the other trees on this side of the lawn and the house, a bird dropped a seed and we allowed it to grow.

In this manner we were blessed with a neem tree, a tamarind, now both mighty trees on the right of the gaonty mango. On the left are a silk cotton, two teak trees and a wild jamboo, bearing a plum-like fruit.

In the morning stillness I finished ‘Tulkitoes – a Journey from conception to Birth’, written by Palden Jensen and supplemented by Sheila Martin. Both parents are in communication with the unborn soul who comes through sometimes as wise companion of past reincarnations and other times as a tiny body learning to wiggle a toe.

The closer it comes to the date of birth, the more child-like Tulkitoes becomes.

After a visit from friends and their toddler son Zak, Tulkitoes says:

“You watch Zakzak – he teach you.
He teach you of bigger me.
I listen you and you listen me too,
and we good people
listen – it work.
I try tell you
and if you hear me I help you.
If you not listen then I tell more you.
If you not listen I must no like
hurt you.
And me, if I not listen-hear you,
you can like hurt me.
You promise me,
me promise you
we listen.”

At one point, the author asks: “In these matters of psychic communications, the rational mind rattles on with the usual – this isn’t really happening, this is just imagination – what if we got it all wrong? It is easy to fall victim to the perceived judgements of others and to the skepsis of modern society.”

Yes, of course it is our imagination. Go a little into quantum mechanics and realize what is, is truly in the eyes of the beholder. At the same time realize, these things are really happening because our awareness is increasing. You only have to look into the eyes of a newborn to recognize an old soul!

Tulkitoes is trying to communicate what we all need to tell each other. Please listen to me! If you listen, I can help you. If you do not listen, I have to hurt you, because you make me feel unworthy and unwanted.

Somewhere in the Tulkitoes story Palden mentions Sheila and he were busy in 1995, organising the first Hundredth Monkeying Retreat. Later he simply refers to M100, as if it was a household word. Is it? I will get back to you on this.