Apr 122000

Last week, following Tulkitoes journey from conception to birth I noticed in the Current Articles column “Are you willing to be an Angelic Emissary?”

Yes, I said. I am willing. What do I have to do?


Yesterday’s evening paper carried an article “Religious objections”. The Archbishop of York is reported to have said that the Internet has the potential for destruction. Another church leader, the Rev. Jim Peasbro, says in his book “the Devil in The Machine”, that one out of ten modern computers in America could be home to an ‘evil spirit’.

In South East Asia (the paper says) a small number of maverick internet-philes have launched Buddhism into cyberspace, because they fear that the religion is becoming irrelevant in modern society. Of course, they are in the process, troubling authorities, and drawing flak about whether the internet is a suitable spiritual medium. The debate continues…..


How come I can only find web pages where the Christ spirit indwells? At the most the Christ spirit leads me to someone who needs a friendly word.


Today I found the article written by Ronna Herman and posted on Wednesday, 5th April, 2000. It contains messages from Archangel Michael.

There will come a time, the Archangel says, when your auric field will extend to a great distance around you, healing, nurturing, blessing everything it touches. But you are not quite to that point, dear hearts.

You are leading the way to evolve more quickly than was ever believed possible. And so we ask you to be gentle with yourselves, beloveds.

I now ask you (says Archangel Michael) are you willing to make a commitment – a commitment to become a full-fledged angelic emissary?

While I am willing, you dear friends who read this, are probably more qualified. My work seems to be cut out for me – I have to pass on the messages.


Archangel Michael says:

“The art of telecommunications or tele-thoughts with the higher realms is becoming common place as ever more of you activate the master glands within your brain, the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus, as well as the higher dimensional portions of the brain. Telepathy, or channeling as it is popularly known, is nothing more than a band of frequencies (information in the form of light packets) being sent from an unseen source along a pathway to the brain of the attuned recipient. The more receptive you are, the more information you will receive and the stronger the signals (messages) will become.”


I got a personal message – The whales and dolphins are beautiful starseed who agreed to stay with you on Earth to revitalize and continually update the encodings within the water. This led to an article by Birgit Klein, translated from her book Den Evige Livsspiral (The Eternal Spiral of Life) bringing me Greetings from two Dolphins and from God, and a reminder

The dolphins have come to teach you something.
What they will teach you is,
That the most basic feeling in Life is Joy,
And no matter what is your task,
And no matter at which stage of development you are,
Then joy is the essence of life itself.
Joy is the perfect emotional expression of Love.
Love can be a somewhat undefinable thing.
You must love your neighbor,
But what exactly is love?
Joy is the spontaneous expression
Of the energy of the heart.
A human being who is able to feel love,
Will also feel joy.

  One Response to “Willing to be an Angelic Emissary”

  1. RE WANTING TO BE AN ANGEL: …Ronna Herman, along with ALL other pyschics, clairvoyant channellers of other beings and entities, is NOT an emmissary for AA Michael nor any other being except that of her very own self, her higher consciousness being Biblically “the place where (your) treasures are stored in Heaven”. And Rona knows this but continues to channel Angels, perhaps even Ascended Masters alike, and like many others whom continue to “play with fire” they “eventually lose their very own way in life”. A harsh learning in life, to lose the plot through playing mind games, purportedly from anothers mind. Stupid and dangerously foolish, but then that is their ignorant choice, and sadly those who follow it all into their lives.

    AAMichael and all the angels ARE a bit fed up with people claiming to channel them, being told to say this and say that – if the angels (and masters for that matter) really need to visit a person then they do just that and what is given quietly in one’s inner sanctuary, one’s private citadel, is for that person’s personal help and spiritual growth in life, or perhaps for the parent of a small child.
    The astral fantasy realm accessed by some is being used for money making concerns, to bolster their own egos, to appear superior to others. No channel can enter into the mind of another, least of all the great Elohim, the first 7 rays of light out of God’s being. There are of course many who have the ability to feel, perceive into other (astral) realms AND therby ‘pick up’ on the impressions left by the millions of advanced beings, archangels, Elohim and Ascended and living masters who do put their thoughts and energies towards the little human creatures. The entire history, and the many emotions, of Humanity’s evolution lies in there, in the illusion, tied into the astral belt, high or low in nature.

    The Archangels heartfelt hopes are for humanity to wake up and get out of its own stupor as none can do it for another – including Jesus. Why dump it all on Jesus shoulders, when the dear man went through his own learnings in life just as each of us must also do – and then begin the walk as equasl in soul and spirit in Gods Omni-Universe. Stop putting the man on a pedestal when it is the followers, the churches whom do so, and stand to lose so much face if they do not. Jesus never ever wanted this, nor ever claimed to even be a Christian.

    So just be the best angel you can in and about life (as each soul is divine already – always was – it was we humans Hu-man..Heavenly-universal mankind… who through God’s grace fell to the physical earth to learn of life dual nature on this the Emerald sapphire, sharing and caring to all, loving and accepting all peoples and situations as best as is possible. Please, there are Angels, both high and low, get on with life, and yes derqam a little of higher beings, but keep your feet firmly on terra firma, Mother Earth, lest you too go the way of those whom “enter” and steal the the supposed minds and thoughts of others for their own gain. You are already an angelic emissary as the soul is of God’s positive creation (here I assume yours is, most are).

    Just be your natural self, avoid violence, prolonged/habitual anger and wanton destruction. Why doesn’t Ms. Herman simply channel “Ronna, the angel” that she is, fast becoming was. Channelers have egoic influences (brains accept and so interpret/speak language) through which all information passes, hence the distortions grow with strength and ego. Just be yourself,and let others be themselves. Just see when you’ve passed on, what AA Michael has to say when you may ask to see him face to face, if you do not already in your nights dreaming state.
    With love, Terrance
    PS: Re: another of your pages stating God is only light and has no darkenss … There is both light and darkness within God in perfect balance, for God is both male and female, light and dark, negative and positive,etc., etc., For God is ALL things, that we may here on earth learn by our dark aspects as well as our light. Too much light and we go blind, live in darkness and we also go blind, same for all else! The bible was good book of others ideals for the earlier centuries and millennia, now we must live in the new spirit of our great Creator, for all is to be made new, leaving the old doctrines behind to create a new humanity, a new global civilization. Bit of a tough time doing it though, many cling to their books and scriptures, proclaiming their own religion is the best, whereas God’s only religion is the whole of humanity. All religions are to let go of their superiority and form one loving human global family now if we are to get through these years relatively unscathed.

    If not? … then as is happening, the cleansing through the Elements, through Nature herself, shall continue with even greater ferocity and disruption. God’s guns through nature are aimed squarely at us all. Stop the wars, the violence, and similarly related acts. Only love weaves aeons into the bliss of Eternity. We have no messiah to lead and show the way or to come this time and take it all on board (some try to do this to Jesus) for the biblical one who ”returned like a thief in the night” has truly already been, late last century, “in a country new of civilzation, yet ancient of days”).
    We childrenof God as a longly minded species, are to stand up and show God what we can do to come together as one, as God too is The Vast One; containing all aspects. As God has given us all the tools, the countless religions to live through life’s lessons, masters teachings, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohommed, etc. now we must stand up out of the doctinate quagmires of old and let go, to create ourselves anew, in govt, in commerce, in science, religion, in all things — we have a huge work load ahead. (really it is the dark masters whom hide behind and use fading religious dogma and rules that weakingly try to control the desiny of “their” flocks souls, manipulation through fear of ex-communiction, being unworthy of God. The darkest of all manipulations, greatest soul loss of all time is to violate and kill others for not being of the same religious following, and in that despicable an dunGodly act, using God’s name to do so then claim one is doing it for martyr-ship. How far before vested interest corporations, groups, governments and powerful individuals willingly change before the cahnge is thrown at them?.
    The vast light of God lies within all souls, some shining brightly, some barely flickering. As always it is our choice, hopefully rising from a good heart.
    Was a bit of a long P.S.! love and blessings for Gabriels light of understanding to all. Terrance.