May 192000

“If you jumped to this link, the angels have already touched you.”

Her name is Marie Campbell, she is a Kindergarten teacher and she tells this story. There was a little girl in her class who had severe emotional problems. Almost every day she would curl up in a fetal ball and scream, shriek and cry. It was Marie’s first experience as a teacher. She was firm with the child (stand in the corner if you can’t behave yourself) and after three weeks the tantrums stopped.

Marie was the only teacher who could control this child and was naturally pleased with herself.

One night she had a dream. The little girl came to her, led by a tall, beautiful being. This being, who looked like an angel without wings, bent down to the little girl and encouraged her to say what she wanted to say to teacher.

The child said: “Ms Campbell I love you, but you are being too strict with me.”

Marie began making excuses for her actions and the angelic being just looked at her. Finally she admitted maybe she was a bit too hard on the child. The little girl said “Thank you” and the angel led her away. Marie woke up feeling awful.

That day in school, the little girl came up to her and gave her a hug, saying “Ms Campbell I don’t know why I love you so much but I do.”

Marie says this dream – or experience – has changed her style of teaching.

Because my good friends Zarine, Ferusan, Gool and Kurshi are nursery teachers, I am eager to share Marie’s story. You may have already noticed I also shared the quote. “If you jumped to this link the Angels have already touched you.”

Here is another quote:

“As you move higher on the evolutionary scale, you will add a new dimension of awareness, a new refinement to the emotional and mental nature of creation, and a new understanding of love in the physical expression. And so, we ask you to begin to sense our presence, to open your minds to the wonderful possibility that we can appear to you or among you.”