May 192000

Cynthia Larson of Reality Shifts has become one of my very good friends. I have just received from her Realityshifters News, May 2000. The newsletter is yours for the asking – This one gave an introduction to Swami Beyondananda.

Went to and returned smiling. The Swami has already solved some of my problems and reduced my anxieties.

How to avoid earthquakes? Simple! When you find a fault, don’t dwell on it.

World Peace?
If we want world peace we must let go of our attachments and live like nomads. Like I’m no mad at you, you no mad at me. Peace begins with each of us. And soon the little peaces will all fit together.

And how about a non-critical mass to usher in non-judgement day?

There is a FUNdamentalist Humanifesto. We will learn to become fooly aware.


*) For the newbies: LOL means laughs out loud, as I hope you will do.


Let me add one of my own realizations.

Siddhasana, the book says, is the perfect yoga pose for meditation. Fold the right leg and place the sole of its foot flat against the left thigh with the heel pressing the perineum. In order to place the sole of the foot flat, you need to lower the knee. If you have difficulties, ask a friend to stand on your knee. Then fold the left leg and place the foot on top of the right calf. If you have difficulties, ask two friends to assist in folding and keeping legs folded, knees down etc. Press or let them press the pelvic bone with the left heel. Push the toes and the outer edge of this foot into the space between the right calf and thigh muscles, always presuming there is space. If may be necessary to remove and replace the right leg for this.

Taking a little help from my friends was my idea. But here I gave up. I will not remove a leg. The replacement will not be as sturdy as the original, and may not even fit. You know how it is with spare parts.

If you don’t have such hang-ups, then continue. Grasp the right toes, either from above or below the left calf (that’s something you’ll have to work out yourself) and pull them upward into the space between the left thigh and calf, assuming there is such space. The legs should now be locked with the knees to the ground, spine erect etc.

Alternatively, do it my way: throw a cushion on the floor, sit on it. Stretch your legs out in front, rest your back against the wall, fold your hands, close your eyes etc.