Jun 062000

Sunday I read to friends excerpts from an Interview with Slim Spurling. It’s about his technology to clean the environment. I’m working on it. For details ask the search engine for Earth Transitions or contact zager@webhoster.com

Whilst reading out loud, I came across Slim saying to the interviewer: “Only today our system seemed out of tune and there appeared to be a lot of UFO activity in the area.”

I confess, I skipped it, thinking if UFO’s activity gets into this, Slim’s environment cleaning research will lose creditability, when in fact it is one of my most exiting ‘discoveries’. More when I have learned more.

Do I believe in UFO’s? I believe we once saw one whooshing over the Arabian Sea and diving into the horizon at Udwada, North of Bombay. But I rather not get involved with the slit-eyed people who abduct you for their medical experiments.

Conversely, I welcome crop circles and when you come to think of it, what is the difference between angels, devas, devils and UFO’s? As Edgar Cayce always reminds us: Mind is the Builder.

Insight: If a sufficient number of minds think men can walk on the Moon, men will walk on the Moon. And when men have done so, Man will have extra-terrestrials to visit the earth.

“Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist” is the title of a book by Marcia Schafer, Cosmic Destiny Press. According to the book-cover displayed on the web, it is no longer a question of ‘if’ we are having extra-terrestrial contact, but rather ‘why’ and ‘how’.

Marcia Schafer writes:

“These space travelers have taught me many secrets of the universe that are based on scientific laws we have yet to become familiar with. At first I doubted whether the information was accurate, but after I began to search physics books and contemporary literature about alien encounters, I was shocked to find validation of what I experienced. I have seen their time travel, processes to perpetuate mass illusion, genetic manipulations and even transfer of souls into clones.”

Transfer of souls into clones?!?

I like to read a good novel and enjoyed “The Third Twin”. It’s a good story with a satisfying ending. Our hero, one of eight clones, is firmly grounded in a belief I fully share: There can be as many duplicates of his body as cloning can produce, but he will still be himself.

Time travel?

This idea has been around for a long time, so why not ‘materialize’ it?

Mass illusion?

What else are van Gogh’s Sunflowers? Everybody sees sunflowers when there are only blobs of mainly yellow paint.

To repeat a home truth: