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Extra-terrestrials, says Dr. Steven Greer, are ‘interstellar competent’. Good for them.

By the same token, I was severely ET-IT challenged. Because I do not like strange lights on lonely country roads, abhor abductions and the like, I closed myself to all information about extra-terrestrials. Not that I ever doubted their existence. There are simply too many planets in the universe to hold that belief.

Then I met Dr. Steven Greer (Try SpiritWeb: Extra-terrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications, more articles at http://www.cseti.org/ and direct comments to webmaster@cseti.org.

From now on I shall allow extra-terrestrials into our discussions. Not only that, I am ready to learn more about them.


To quote Dr. Greer: “How are ET craft and personnel traversing the vastness of interstellar space and time? Well, it turns out that the rigidity of that vastness of space becomes quite flexible and can be largely bypassed once you frequency shift to the other side of the light barrier.”

“This is done,” explains Dr. Greer, “through very high energy physics and electronics which literally phase-shift, in one quantum leap, the material ET craft and all its occupants into a particular aspect of the cosmology, resembling the astral.”

What has drawn me to Dr. Greer are his words:

“For this wonderful Nothingness
(which is the fullness of absolute awareness)
to give rise to the expressed cosmos,
with all of its stars and galaxies and atoms and peoples,
a creative process exists
which is at once simple and elegantly complex.”

I may not understand the structure of existence in words, but having had a glimmer of this wonderful nothingness, I believe in the awake, conscious, intelligent and knowing essence of all creation.


There was a Miss Bright
She traveled faster than light
She departed one day
And what do you say
She came back the previous night.

The news: “Scientists break the ultimate barrier: The Speed of Light.”

“What bothers scientists most,” the article says (Times of India, 05.06.00), “is if light could travel forward in time it would carry information. This would be a break of one of the basic principles in physics: causality, which says cause must come before effect.”

Strangely, this does not worry me unduly. I believe cause will always come before effect as long as we are human beings trapped in a time zone. When we leave this time zone, we are no longer players but observers.

Am I being very simple-minded?

  2 Responses to “ET-IT Challenged”

  1. iam muslim i believe in GOD the creator of the universe, and i think other forms of life do exist like aleins and extra terresrrials some where on this universe,thank you

  2. I believe all of us no matter what our beliefs, believe in the same Supreme Being that created us with free will in mind. We must all work with each other on this planet instead of against each other. If all of us as humans were to do this, things would change on this planet overnight and our creators would reward us.

    And God gave all of us minds for a really good reason.

    Peace on earth for all, and maybe we can all pray for REAL universal freedoms all of us have probably hid from ourselves.
    However we must all take full responsibility in whatever technologies we develop. None of us are exempt from the task of the responsibility.

    I can’t put down anyone’s beliefs, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, etc. All of us will learn eventually that we must explore worlds around us.