Jun 132000

Afraid of Viruses? Scared of Hackers? Angry with the printer balking, the modem out, the mouse dead?


Remember this Findhorn Story?

The old, second-hand, cheaply procured printing press was once again on the blink, when Dorothy made contact with the machine deva. The printing press, it appeared, was fed-up being kicked and cursed and not appreciated.

The Findhorn folks said sorry, called the printing press ‘George’, and soft-talked George into peak performance. So they lived happily ever after – or at least till the establishment had enough funds to let George retire.


Now Christan Hummel and Ann Merit report their contact with the Devic world of computers and cyberspace.

The good news: Cyberspace devas are keen to help us learn how to work with technology devas in our environment.


You shouldn’t be. In the year 1900 – one hundred years ago almost to the date – Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose attended the International Congress of Physics in Paris. At the Congress he read a paper on the generality of molecule-phenomena produced electrically in living and non-living matter.

He brought together a large amount of comparative observations on the similarity of response in the two classes of substances. He used ferro-magnetic magnesia as specimen for non-living matter.

It was documented in this and subsequent papers, that many of the effects of stimulation shown by living tissues were also shown by non-living matter.

Who am I trying to convince? Don’t we all know she purrs along beautifully, never runs out of petrol unless a pump is in sight (gas, incidentally, is what I cook with) , and if she must have a flat tyre, she will do so next to a tyre-wallah.

Familiar with ‘practical spirituality’ you must have noticed, loving you car, your mixer, your modem will always get you more mileage, more play-time and more loving contacts.