Jun 212000


I see a grand epiphane,
A sacred light of love!
I see a living Alchemy,
A fire from above!
I see a holy wedding day
Of sacred and profane!
I see a heart united in
A braid of golden flame!

– magnum opus –

Theion is the Greek word for divine fire, the sacred flame.

In the year 1999 I discovered Stan Schaap and the power to share. Here I met lovely Susan, brilliant Cynthia, devoted Eia, amusing Momfeather and many other wise and deeply spiritual souls.

Eleven months later, on the 21st June, 2000, I discovered James S. Clark, and received the keys to Thelema, Praxis, Techne, Sophia, Agape, Gnosis and Metamorphoses, meaning will, practice, technique, wisdom, guidance, knowing and transformation or rebirth.

Now I am doubly grateful for the power to share because Theion http://www.theion.com [April 16, 2002: unfortunately this link is broken] is a site which should be shared with all travelers on the path.


Theion explores the transformation of sacred heart energy opening the gates of awareness for the transition into light.

It is one of those rare sites which simply radiates LOVE. You will feel immediately at home when you go there. James Clark sounds like an old friend.

Lest I forget, I will just lift one or two sentences from each of the little jewel boxes for which James has given us keys:

Thelema – In terms of matter, our world is an expanding energy field for growth and diversity. In terms of spiritual values, it is an experiment in the possibilities of love.

Praxis – We are completely surrounded by the incredible miracle of life, but we don’t seem to realize how amazing it is. The ego protects us from seeing this awesome truth until we are ready for it.

Techne – We are always exploring the personality of the divine presence by living out the possibilities of being.

Sophia – Each time we find a truth that was hidden from us, we expand into a new dimension of understanding by accepting new forms of love.

Agape – I believe that we are constantly living in a sea of guidance.

Gnosis – When the light is on, everything will communicate its truth to us.

Metamorphoses – The light is everything you have ever imagined yourself to be. You are limited only by your acceptance of the truth.


Theion is a beautiful site with interesting links. We are all in this together. In Yahoo, Society and Culture, New Age, is a list from Alphaomega to White Mountain where you will find Theion under ‘T’.