Jul 152000

Channeling has been a widely discussed topic recently. Lee Carroll has offered these guidelines in love.

  1. There will always be useful information for everyone. Beware of the channel that gives you useful information for only a few, or tells you that it’s only for a special group or a sequestered number. It must be useful for ALL humanity, every single Human. This is an area of discernment allowing you to know you are hearing the truth.
  2. The message should be uplifting. Watch for an empowering message. NOT ONE OF FEAR, not one that drags you down – not one that makes you want to take fearful action or hide – but an enabling message! This is a staple of God energy. It must be there. It should inspire the listener.
  3. Spirit (God) will never, ever channel a message that asks you to give up your free will. Never!. For your free will is what your experience on Earth is all about as you sit in your ‘chairs of gold’ (a metaphor created in Kryon Book Six). Free will! CHOICE is what drives your planet’s future.
  4. Spirit will never give you a message – ever – that asks you to violate the integrity of what you believe. You are honored in your thought processes. Spirit will never trick you or ‘talk you’ into anything. The message must never violate your integrity. You must feel comfortable with it and it will ring true to your heart.
  5. Spirit will never represent a channeler as being the only source. Watch for this, for there are many channels of spirit and they all coordinate their information to create a bigger picture, especially in this New Age. They will NEVER represent themselves as the ONLY source of information.
  6. Watch for the fact that the information is normally new information. Beware of the channel that simply rehashes the old, but they are not channeling anything but the ego of the Human Being. New information is necessary. It is the entire reason for the channel. Think about it.
  7. Watch for the fact that channeled information should have a spiritual solution presented. Solutions to life challenges on earth, via new information, is the purpose of channeling.
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Offered in Love

Lee Carroll

Thank you Lee Carroll. This ‘power to share thing’ gives me a great deal of pleasure.

I want to share what I think is hopeful, helpful, relevant to All.

Nothing in my journal is ‘original’ and some may be repetitive. I can only hope it fulfills a spiritual purpose.