Jul 152000

When I found an announcement about an essay competition how we envisage (or hope) the new millennium to be – “Synchronicity! We will learn what we already know” came to my mind.

Soon after I read the quote:

There is no teacher who can teach anything new.
He can just help us
To remember
What we already know.

This morning I picked up:

You have all you need.
All you want.
The power to achieve these
Is within.
All sadness is simply lack of love
And you must simply reconnect with spirit
To know happiness and joy again.
Never forget your power.
Learn to use it.
Use your discernment
– your sword of truth –
to tell what is the right path
and what is not.

Then I find – Love is the most important nutrient – Inner Vibrational Taste – a message posted by Michael on the Kryon Message Board, where he shares the realization:

Our Higher Self is the highest vibration
And is holy,
Loving and perfect…

Michael addresses his post to Hi Lightworkers, describes his spiritual growth, and a particular case of healing a friend.

He ends with:

Do you know what it means
to see with your inner eye?
It means ‘feeling’
with your inner imagination,
with inner voice,
on what you ‘see’ inside.
It means taking a risk to be mistaken.
All of you are welcome to be mistaken.
I encourage it.
Never be afraid of taking a risk.
You can always learn from them.
Every time I send my channelings,
I am taking a huge risk. I feel scared.
Ironically, the greatest risk I ever took was with
“Energy Vibrational Signatures.”
Yet, it was the greatest success – more people than ever related to it, than to any of my other writings.
I had hundreds of e-mails.
Open to the spiritual gifts of your higher self,
Your Holy Spirit.
Let us bless the earth with it.
I know that all of you shall.
We are creating heaven on earth.
So it is.
Amen, Love is yours, Michael.

How did I get to this site? It’s a long story. A friend gave me a couple of Kryon books. I had a few vibrational experiences of my own. When you agree to be an Angelic Emissary (see April journal) you have to expect this sort of thing. And thanks to Stan and the power to share I can now share the Yahoo path with you who reads this.

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